Ronald DeHaas

Ruling Elder

Ron DeHaas serves as Clerk of Community EPC, and became an elder in 1995.  Proverbs 16:3 says “Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.”  I have complete faith that God is in total control of every atom in the universe, and that if I follow that proverb, I have nothing to fear.  I attended The Ohio State University from 1967-1973, and the University of Michigan from 1974-1978, so I get to root for whoever is winning!  I’ve been in business for over 40 years, but have had careers as a Putt Putt professional, an oil and gas geologist, a mail carrier and then supervisor of city carriers, a trainer in asbestos removal, and since 2000 I have been the CEO of Covenant Eyes.  In my scarce spare time (10 grandkids and counting) I collect stamps.  I acknowledged Christ as my Savior at age 30 after meeting the woman who would become my wife.  Tragedy struck in 1992 when she and our two children were killed in a car accident.  But God blessed me with a new family, bringing me here to Owosso to marry Jeanne in 1993.  We are blessed to have our 5 children living with a short drive of Owosso with all our grandkids.  In 1995 Jeanne and I also started Nehemiah Ministries, a retreat and counseling center that we can provide to clergy free of charge thanks to Covenant Eyes and CEPC.  I have especially enjoyed getting to know many of the young people at CEPC, which for me makes our church all the more a genuine family.

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