It is what we call ‘provisional’, meaning it is flexible and changes all the time. So the first point to grasp is that AOKs do not exist in isolation. We can understand the general structure and features of each AoK by asking about certain things. Theory of Knowledge is at the centre of the IB and you should feel free to draw in material from any of your subjects during ToK discussions. It identifies the key characteristics of each area of knowledge by depicting each area as a complex system of five …
Areas of Knowledge are socially constructed and incorporate the TOK Themes in various nuanced combinations. Shared personal knowledge is something we discussed in a previous post. To really show you are a top ToK student, you should think about the assumptions that underlie the methods used to discover knowledge. Not the content of the subject/AoK, but how it works. Areas of Knowledge are socially constructed and incorporate the TOK Themes in various nuanced combinations. The arts includes all the forms of expression that we use to communicate our creative instincts. This is because the Areas of Knowledge are the ways we categorise the knowledge that we have. Do you think that studying different subjects throughout school has changed the ways you think at all. And that is knowledge frameworks in a nutshell! History is the study of the past, rather than the past itself. Subscribe HERE. This is why we encourage you to think in terms of the Big Questions, each one of which requires a combination of AOKs and themes to be fully understood and answered. Alongside the core and optional themes, the 2022 TOK course includes five areas of knowledge (AOKs). Think about what it is that means these subjects change at different rates. The question-based approach prepares students for the assessment tasks – particularly the new TOK essay – extensively and effectively. Consider how much science has changed in the last two hundred years. One of the key differences between the AoKs is that they use different ways to seek knowledge. You might, however, argue that knowledge exists and that language is simply a way to communicate or express this. Now we’ll investigate how you can apply each bullet point to a different Area of Knowledge. The Areas of Knowledge are highly organized aggregates of shared knowledge characterized by distinct subject matter and methods of inquiry. Here are eight reasons why we believe that the BQ framework is by far the best way of structuring the TOK course. It encourages us to ask: out of all of human knowledge, what does this Area of Knowledge include, and what is not a part of it. There are 8 Areas of Knowledge, these are: Rather than dividing knowledge into discrete, isolated elements, the BQ framework encourages students to view knowledge as interlinked. Considering the role of language to each AoK is an excellent way to critically consider that subject. The Areas of Knowledge are a bit different; these are about what we know. Perhaps it has not changed too much at all, but what about history? Ask yourself the important questions and think about how that Area of Knowledge works and you will be able to prove to everyone that you are a ToK Master! This is because it is an explanation of how history works – it gives us an outline of the subject without all the content. The AOKs are broad categories into which we place our understanding of the world. We look at the arts via the perspectives of creators, the audience, and critics, and think about their relationships. Having said this, you should always remember that knowledge is interlinked and interdependent, so you should never envisage the AOKs (and themes) as existing independently from each other. Economist, April 24, 2020. The BQ framework allows all subject teachers within the school to access the course, at any point, whether they are directly involved with TOK or not. .st0{fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;fill:#fff}, Creating knowledge about the human sciences, Creating knowledge about the natural sciences, Expert knowers about the natural sciences, The Way To Custom Term Paper Template Could Help Your Composing, Choosing a real-life situation and knowledge question, Foundation points for indigenous societies. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, extraordinary courses require extraordinary resources. National Gallery, London, Nature: an encounter with a real science journal, Ideal gas law compared to Euler’s relation, The special case of mathematical induction, Non-linguistic forms of representation: Shostakovich 8th string quartet, Picasso’s lie and Coleridge's willing suspension of disbelief, Imagination (with constraints) and living in the subjunctive. The areas of knowledge are not fixed. All rights reserved. Within the scientific system there are agreed ways to investigate things. – that involves the study of human behaviour on an individual and societal level. These are: Remember, next time you are thinking about an AoK, just run through the list above and comment on some of these items. You might think that language is just a tool of communication, however this is not necessarily the case. That is what theory of knowledge is interested in.

The Ways of Knowing, which we explored in the last two blog posts, are about how we know things.

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