Thanks Diane. Yes, you read it right – this dish may sound bizarre but it is nonetheless, a well-liked lunchtime dish in Germany. GREAT BLOG. we Germans might have some funny food, but even after 27 years in the states I have to ask ” what the hell is up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?” that is about the most disgusting thing on earth besides the awful grapes juice they have here I can never get used to either one. It was the oddest sensation. | Mobile version, 10 things you won't find at a German grill party. These sweetened breads stuffed with fruits, spices and marzipan are sold at Christmas markets across the country all through December. (Hence why I only eat Hebrew National hot dogs.). "I tried Dead Grandma yesterday. I bet if you buried one of these rolls in the dirt, an entire forest would spring to life. I moved to Hannover a little more than half a year ago from northern California. Literally ‘hand cheese with music’ when translated into English, the name of this unassuming appetiser originated from the fact that it was handmade and caused flatulence when eaten with chopped onion toppings. I’m reading some of your antics to my husband. Now, Europe has some particularly…interesting… delicacies on offer, many of which seem to involve some form of animal appendage. Maybe when we’re in Germany I’ll just survive on giant pretzels :). Whoa, and I thought I had an adventurous appetite when I travel! Your list makes me homesick ;) Whenever I go and see my family I come back with a car full of Mettwurst, Wiener (usually poultry würstchen), cold cuts and beer. Nope. Oh, I knew I would love these sumbitches right from the start. Literally pure pig stomach fats, Speck is yellowish-white in colour and can be well-disguised as American Swiss cheese on a cheese platter. The number three on my list is Sülze.

My boyfriend moved as well, from Washington DC, and we have really been enjoying reading your blog. Germans are obsessed with this combination to the extent that they can consume up to 125,000 tonnes of spargel for three months straight during the Spargelzeit season. That’s awesome. CLICK TO SEE MORE ARTICLES BY Serene Chan. But look at all those seeds! Number 11 could be Mettigel, see

The next thing on my list is actually Kreppel, which is a German doughnut. Apfelschorle is actually an apple juice mixed with sparkling mineral water.

12. I don’t even know why they sell that stuff, but then again I also don’t know how some of my fellow germans can spend 70€ at the butcher’s. Think you’re a know-it-all when it comes to German food and drinks? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email every Monday morning! Reporting on what you care about. From that first bite, I kind of wanted to throw my Schinkenmettwurst across the train station and then stomp on it until arrested — but I also wanted to keep eating it.

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