It was founded in 1861 and its mascot is the Husky. Sign up to get important news and culture from around the Northwest, delivered to your inbox six days a week.

In 1937, boxers Roy Petragallo and Ed McKinnon won individual titles and the Cougar team, under coach Ike Deeter (1902-2003),[2] won the NCAA boxing championship,[3] WSU's first national championship.

[11] The student playing Butch is anonymous throughout the school year. Big Red is the name of the costumed mascot. It contained an exemption for schools located in Indian Country. The ROTC "Cannon Crew" is composed exclusively of ROTC Cadets who are also members of the Washington Army National Guard. The top 10 members are entered into a drawing to receive two basketball tickets to the Pac-12 Tournament.

The cannon is property of the Washington Army National Guard and on loan to the university in support of WSU Athletics and the WSU ROTC Department. With the president on sabbatical, the acting president gave the nod and its first use was on the door of a campus truck. It was subsequently moved to the present College Hall, and now rests on the west side of the Alumni Centre where it is rung by the Student Alumni Ambassadors after each football win. The bell was first rung in victory after WSU beat the Washington Huskies by the women's basketball team in 1902.

[16], The men's track and field team won the NCAA indoor national championship in 1977. Washington State has won 2 NCAA team national championships.[24]. Tags: Education, Politics, Native Americans, Washington. The first mascot was a terrier named "Squirt" as someone brought a pet dog to campus. Leach left to coach Mississippi State in 2020 and was replaced by Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich. [80], After a few nights, Johnson came up with a design using the letters WSC to form a cougar head, and Rounds promptly took it to the administration for official approval. The Battle of the Palouse, the annual football game, was revived in 1998 for a 10-year run, and is usually held at Martin Stadium in Pullman. In 2016, a Washington state Senator introduced a bill that singled out just the term "Redskins" as unacceptable for public school mascots and …

and men's tennis in 1994. The school mascot started out long ago as a cartoonish caricature of a Native American man holding a scalp and tomahawk. The Cougar logo was developed in July 1936 by art student Randall Johnson (1915–2007), a graduate of Pullman High, while working as a summer sign painter on campus. Name: Tusk is the live mascot. "We’re being portrayed as no different than a token and no different than a tiger or a duck," Lekanoff said in an interview Thursday. “I’m hoping that going into 2021 we’ll see a lot more changes and a lot more schools stepping up,” Frank said. The concussion from the celebratory blast is seen, heard and felt by everyone in and around Martin Stadium. The move to phase out Native American-themed mascots is “long overdue,” according to a panel of Native American education leaders who spoke to the Washington State Board of Education on Thursday. Around two dozen high schools in Washington state currently use Native American-related mascots or nicknames — most commonly Indians, Warriors and Braves. [2], Butch was represented by a live cougar until 1978; Butch VI, in declining health with multiple ailments and approaching age 15, was euthanized in late August. The lower section of the arena, where the ZZU CRU sits, is called The Cage. In the 2006–07 and 2007–08 seasons, his Cougar teams had 26 wins each, tying the WSU record set by the 1940–41 team.

"In 15 to 20, 50 or 100 years, when they look back at our bills and how we treated one another, they'll look at this bill and say, 'It was just a little bill, but it brought some hope and respect for all.' In the past couple of weeks, several southwest Washington school boards have taken action to change problematic mascots ahead of possible state mandates. Butch III and IV were twin cubs presented by Governor Arthur Langlie in January 1942, who also presented Butch V in 1955. The $10 membership fee gives students an official club T-shirt, discount card that is good for 15% discounts at various local businesses, exclusive access to prime seating at games, contests, and exclusive member opportunities for player autographs.

Democratic state Rep. Debra Lekanoff said derogatory nicknames and stereotypical caricatures of Native Americans cause lasting hurt.

The student's identity is only revealed after the last sporting event of the school year, usually the last home basketball game of the season. As the two main public universities in the state, WSU and UW have a geographic rivalry. During the 2001–03 seasons, the Cougar football teams were distinguished by three ten-win seasons,[19] three top ten poll rankings, and appearances in the Sun, Rose, and Holiday Bowls. Two generations of the McAllister family have attended Columbia River High School, which uses a Native American mascot.

The governor gracefully declined and suggested the name "Butch," in honor of senior quarterback Herbert "Butch" Meeker of Spokane.

The ZZU CRU is the official student fan club for WSU Basketball. In 2016, a Washington state Senator introduced a bill that singled out just the term “Redskins” as unacceptable for public school mascots and athletic teams.

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