Once you have KPIs aligned with your goals, it's time to build reports to track them. Ebooks are also effective when providing value to your audience. You can’t afford to be boring while producing content for your business. Here are some fabulous Types of Content Marketing that will help you to add that. Do you remember the good old days when you used to listen to the radio? Case studies are an essential way to convince your prospective customers about the merit of your products and services. Take a look at this example of a podcast from the popular office chat app, Slack: The podcast includes 20-40 minute episodes that narrate stories from work and life in general. When it comes to conversions, there are a few different ways that the various social media channels can be used to influence your target market’s purchasing decisions. This is a limited time offer, so get it while you can. Please fill your details to get back to you with full report (24-72hrs). Here’s an example of a compelling infographic from NY Brite, a home and office cleaning company: This infographic explains different elements of carpet cleaning that consumers need to be aware of. It helps you to expand your audience, build your brand and get traffic to your site. Each platform offers you different opportunities, and it’s important to use them to the utmost by knowing them well. Once our marketing and sales signed the SLA, both teams built customized dashboards in HubSpot. The best route for keeping up with your audience is by creating buyer personas. The more targeted your video content is for your audience, the better for your conversion. These days, content marketing has exploded with all kinds of fantastic formats: There are dozens of types of content marketing out there, and you should be considering how to use them in impactful ways. In this post, I have shared with you seven types of content marketing you can use to grow your online business. You can then use this content almost anywhere, from your main website to your blog, your social media page, or even in email campaigns. Consumers today are viewing more. The Best Online Advertising Channels to Grow Your Small Business, Why an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is Important. Your blog is the bread and butter of your entire content strategy. If you’d like to harness the power of video you will need to consider what types of content and topics will appeal to your audience most. Planning for each stage comes down to look at different kinds of formats. You can use a variety of easy to use podcasting tools to create a podcast for your business. They help people see data in fascinating new ways. This means that sites with blogs have a greater chance of ending up on the first page of search engines like Google when consumers search for relevant keywords. They are an essential Type of Content Marketing to get your audience to convert into customers. If your business chooses to use infographics to attract and engage your audience, consider which topics are best suited for this format. Remember – with very few exceptions, each marketing email should have just one call to action (CTA). However, when it comes down to developing your strategy, it can be difficult to decide which, Below, we’ll discuss the top 10 high-performing, Don’t have time to read this blog post? 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.- Wordstream. Some influencers will use the content you provide them, and others will create their own content using your products, imagery and copy. One does NOT simply get to the top of Google… without great content, that is! The goals of content mapping is to target readers based on their personal characteristics, which you know from your buyer personas, and where they are in the buyer's journey. But in content marketing, casting a wide net won't get you very far. Video is a great content marketing tactic for small businesses because it provides such an appealing return on investment. Use Content Marketing to create delightful customer experiences and build stronger, deeper relationships with them. 14 min read. You can use video clips for Instagram stories, eBooks as website traffic ads or blog posts as regular or “boosted” posts. Presentations are a fantastic tool to showcase business expertise while presenting information in a professional way. Choosing the right types of content marketing depends on your business model and audience. The Wow-Score shows how engaging a blog post is. Don’t just post links and headlines. Email marketing works by compiling and growing a list of subscribers and regularly (but not too regularly) reaching out via email to engage and share the types of content you’ve been working on. Take a look at this example of a podcast from the popular office chat app, Slack: Original data has a lot of intrinsic value. Take a look at this live video from Dunkin Donuts: This was a part of the brand’s Valentine’s day promotions and ended up getting more than 45k views. You may be inheriting a wealth of content assets, so before you can build a strategy, you should look at what you have on hand. Not only that, make sure your content isn’t only promotional, but also provides value to your followers. The difference is that while you can listen to podcasts created by others, you can create your own too. Testimonials help you to have a social proof of the merit of your offerings. With a documented strategy, there are no questions or uncertainties about who should be working on what. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Don’t have time to read this blog post? Hey Mia! This information that consumers share with your business not only gives you better insight into your target audience but provides a way for you to keep in touch with a lead long after they have downloaded the content. Boosting brand awareness and recognition. Do some keyword research to see what consumers are typing into the search engines to find brands like yours. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to collect lead information, you’ll need to ensure that your white paper is gated. What this means is that top marketers understand the importance of content marketing as a strategy. There is a range of interesting Types of Content Marketing that you can explore. Do you remember the good old days when you used to listen to the radio? But tests and quizzes can be perfect for B2B too when they communicate business value. Content Marketing is changing and leveraging different Types of Content Marketing is a necessity for businesses to get the desirable results from it. 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