You wouldn't say, "Because I went ____ the store..." or "Because I went to the store ____ stand..." When you read either phrase aloud, your ear detects a dropped word—as indicated by the blank lines—even if your eye skips over it. His salary is too small for him to pay off his debts. Take the To, Too, and Two Quiz Now! to spread oneself too thin: to do more work than one can handle. Thank goodness the police got here before the man shot anyone! He is too poor to buy books. 7. The word "too" in the first example means also, additionally, or as well. It starts a prepositional phrase explaining where the boy went. The words "to," "too," and "two" are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. The passenger was too late to catch the train. It has many definitions. However, there is no overlap between their definitions.

Because when I went "also" the store "also" stand in line for the new phone, she did, too.

It can be confusing for English language learners, and even native English speakers, to distinguish and use these terms. I had too much fun at the party could imply you drank so much that you got sick, or did something else you regret.

I don’t go dancing often, but I do dance from time to time. Now, let’s go over a few ways to use these words in English.

The preposition "to" refers to a place, direction, or position. 1. It’s only fair. So the California couple set out on a two-week trip to Europe to celebrate their marriage.–. Why do you have ten people working on this simple poster? two peas in a pod: two people who are very similar. (first definition) I want some cake too! For example: In the first example, the word "two" describes the number of pennies this person had left. –, “We definitely have to win,” Jones said. You’re eating for two! This includes in, on, at, of, and by. You can’t work extra hours. The man had drunk too much wine and he staggered to and fro along the sidewalk. Too. (first definition), I want some cake too! A preposition demonstrates the relationship between two things. The word "too" in the sentence as used here is an adverb modifying the word "exciting" (too exciting), and "two" is used in its traditional role to indicate the number 2.

That new shirt you bought is "too" cute for words! The minister is too busy to see you now. There are also many idioms and expressions that use too: Too has a negative connotation, so don’t use it when you want to express something positive. The soccer player scored two goals in the last minutes of the game. "Two" refers to the number 2. They arrived not a moment too soon.

Course: How to Choose the Right Word, There, Their, and They're: How to Choose the Right Word, Right, Rite, Wright, and Write: How to Choose the Right Word, Its vs.

The adverb "too" means also, very, extremely, or additionally. She is very old. 6.

This should be the easiest one! He is too proud to ask for help. To is also part of the verb in its infinitive form. “It’s just too big of a deficit with three races to go. It's: How to Choose the Right Word, Straight vs. Strait: How to Choose the Right Word, Than vs. Then: How to Choose the Right Word, Ph.D., Rhetoric and English, University of Georgia, M.A., Modern English and American Literature, University of Leicester, B.A., English, State University of New York. to and fro: from one place to another, often with a backwards and forwards movement. The best friends are like two peas in a pod. When to use too: Too is an adverb that describes something that is excessive. Prepositions usually show how two elements of a sentence relate to one another, especially through time or location. Think of the extra O as meaning a little extra or additional. The same idea can be expressed using so…that… He is so proud that he will not ask for help. 3. It would not make sense, however, to replace either the prepositional use of "to" (to the store) or the particle use (to stand), with the word "also," as in: Clearly, you need to word "to" in these uses, not "too.". "To" is a preposition or part of a verb infinitive. You two finish the poster and the rest of you go work on something else. It's probably the easiest one to remember, maybe because it doesn't look like it should rhyme with "to" and "too." You’ll spread yourself too thin. Here, have some more food. There are many more uses that are similar to those already mentioned, or that are less common. too long; didn’t read: The text was too long so one didn’t read it. This website contains affiliate links and earns commissions from qualifying purchases. She is too old to live without help.

The particle "to" is used before the verb in a to-infinitive. She’s very two-faced. I have _______ many books. When to use two: Two can be an adjective or a noun. If this is too hard to remember, you can also remember that to and towards share the same first two letters, and have the same meaning in many contexts. –, Joshua Wong, the face of huge street demonstrations in 2014 for freer elections of Hong Kong’s leader, was sentenced to six months in prison. Lastly, “too” can also mean “also,” “as well,” or “in addition.” The sentence needs the prepositional "to," in the first use, in order to show where she went (to the store), and the particle "to" in order to create an infinitive verb, "to stand.". "She's such a copycat," Sondra lamented, "because when I went 'to' the store 'to' stand in line for the new phone, she did, 'too. It can also mean also. Use this quiz to practice using the right form of to, too, or two. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Afterward vs. Afterword: How to Choose the Right Word, Understanding the Types of Verbs in English Grammar, Air, Ere, and Heir: How to Choose the Right Word, How to Place 'Too' and 'Enough' in English Sentences, Too vs. Two vs. To: Common English Mistakes, Buy, By, and Bye: How to Choose the Right Word, Were, We're, and Where: How to Choose the Right Word, Should vs. Would: How to Choose the Right Word, Quiet, Quit, and Quite: How to Choose the Right Word, Coarse vs. These words have similar spellings and the same pronunciation. Fill in the blanks. Another sentence you might hear in everyday conversation might say, "Please let us know if you 'two' plan 'to' go 'to' the race because we want 'to' tag along, 'too.'" Another example is given below. We can combine these two sentences using too….to. In other words, it is the opposite of from. This example uses the word "two" indicating a number (we two), the word "too" as an adverb (too much), the word to as a, A sentence you would be more likely to encounter might state, "The game was almost 'too' exciting in the last 'two' minutes of play." ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It’s true to a certain extent that the President embezzled, but he used the money to help the poor people of the country, which was part of his job. The lioness moved to her prey. (fourth definition). To differentiate "too" from "to," look at the sentence without it, and even read it aloud to better engage your ear. When placed side by side, also overly, you can see the double oo like in the word too. to be eating for two: a pregnant woman is eating for herself and her fetus. So she took her act to a Times Square subway platform. 4. That is not the case if you remove either of the uses of the word "to." Additionally, you can tell whether you need "to" or "too" by substituting the word also "also."

To remember the word too, think of its two closest synonyms: also and overly. For example, I feel sick because I ate too much popcorn. I’m going _____ travel to China next year! (first definition) Don’t run too much on your bad knee or you’ll injure yourself. Another sentence you might hear in everyday conversation might say, "Please let us know if you 'two' plan 'to' go 'to' the race because we want 'to' tag along, 'too.'" Using Too in a Sentence. For example, The first usage is a preposition. Let’s start with how to remember the word to. These include towards, until, and with intention. You’re already working 60 hour weeks. Examples: Capital vs. Capitol – How to Use Each Correctly.

Your email address will not be published. 2. Two fellow protest leaders, Nathan Law and Alex Chow, were given eight and seven months, respectively. You should have been done hours ago.

8. Two. Here are a few: To, Too, and Two: How to Choose the Right Word. When to use too: Too is an adverb that describes something that is excessive.
She seems nice at first, but don’t trust her. I don’t like either of the candidates running for president, but I’ll vote for the incumbent because she’s the lesser of two evils. '", Because when I went "to" the store "to" stand in line for the new phone, she did, "also.". He was too tired to even stand up. Example: I have two dogs. Consider the following examples to deepen your understanding of the distinction between the three terms: As these are such widely-used words, the three terms also appear in a number of idiomatic expressions in English. I feel sick because I ate too much popcorn.

I’ll never be able to pack all of them for the move. Examine this example: You can omit the "too," and the sentence still makes sense.

I need _______ guitars because I need an electric one and an acoustic one. "Too" means also or in addition. One easy trick to remember: If you mean to say "too" as in "additionally," "very," or "also," remember that that word "too" (also) has more Os than the word "to."

You can squeeze all three terms into a sentence that make sense, as in, "We determined that we 'two' had celebrated a little 'too' much, and so we decided 'to' call a cab 'to' come and take us 'to' her parents' house 'to' recover." For example, I had so much fun at the party means you had a good time. The word “too” is used as an adverb / adjective. Make sure you know which of the three words has which meaning. The first of the three terms here, "two" refers to the number of people, the second and fourth are particles (to go and to tag), the third is a prepositional use (to the race), and the fifth is used as an adjective meaning also (tag along too).
–, Things were great until a few months later, when snow began to fall and no one wanted to stop for music. Dr. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus of rhetoric and English at Georgia Southern University and the author of several university-level grammar and composition textbooks. She is so old that she cannot live without help. Examples "I have two hands and two feet." 5. “Too long; didn’t read” is often abbreviated as tl;dr and introduces a short summary of the text for those who don’t want to read the whole thing. That means that it shows to what degree something is done or the quality of a certain thing. Does it still make sense as a sentence?

They do everything together, like the same things, and even look alike! There are also many idioms and expressions that use two, some of which are below: In its written form, two can be spelled out or written as the symbol 2.

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