With the right group, Helium Stick is one of the most fun icebreakers out there. And join 40,000+ professionals already using SessionLab. Team icebreakers like this are great if you want to ease people in without referencing the main tasks of the workshop too soon. Each participants gets a set of few LEGO bricks (identical sets to everyone – a few items, around 5-10 bricks per person will suffice). The tasks can get more complicated the more familiar the group is. This a simple icebreaker activity energising participants, also suitable for debriefing learning points towards spontaneity and teamwork. Prior to the workshop the facilitator prepares a list of questions which can only be answered with yes or no. Go around a circle and highlight a story – an action, decision or result – that can and should be praised from each team member. Do you sometimes feel that the good old pen and paper or the MS Office toolkit combined with email leaves you struggling to stay on top of managing your workshop preparations and delivery? When you all out the number, you will call out one a least one number less than the group’s total. One person stands in the middle of the circle as “the sheriff”, pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side of them quickly “draw”. some great finds in here (I LOVE the portrait gallery!) This should be quite familiar to people before they attend the meeting or workshop and is quick and easy to understand – ice breaker ideas don’t need to be brand new to be effective! Do you have people who come from many different places to your session? Prepare about a quarter more quotes than the number of participants on individual slips of paper. It is a no-brainer then to recreate this experience as one of your icebreaker activities for adults. It also makes others aware of everyone’s intent. Get to know you games with an element of danger are always fun ice breakers for meetings. Another classic among ice breakers for meetings, Sound Ball deserves your attention. Catch each scarf in the opposite hand, with your palm facing out. This is a fun and loud energiser based on the well-known “Rock, Paper, Scissor” game – with a twist: the losing players become the fan of the winners as the winner advances to the next round. The Four Quadrants one of the tried and true team building icebreakers to break the ice with a group or team. You can break up and pair off people as many times as you want. Put the ice cubes in large bowls. Ice breaker games are not only useful at the beginning of meetings or getting to know new people. We all know how important personal interaction and tight bonds are in our lives. When it starts, each pair has to start speed networking & find out as much professional info about the other as possible. This fun activity could be used as an icebreaker both for people who have just met and for already existing teams. It is one of the hottest buzzwords of today, easily found in articles and in the news. Active icebreaker games prepare groups for working together and keep the energy level high. Additionally,it gives participants quick snapshots of multiple players (since they see many cards as they’re being passed around), and it creates memorable visuals that give people conversation pieces as the meeting progresses. It is super easy to prep for and set up – you only need large sheets of paper (flipcharts or similar) and markers. We have divided our games into those using balls, those that require props and/or advance preparation, inside sitting games, and quick and easy icebreaker games to make it easy for you to choose the perfect icebreaker activity. Fun icebreakers for meetings don’t get much better than this! This helps them arrive & identify their state, let go of their worries and have better focus & more empathy towards the others. When it reaches its height, toss the second scarf, slightly across the body. When it does, they freeze in place. Many of our ice breaker activities frequently last longer than other icebreakers and many require some advance preparation. Although this icebreaker activity is especially popular with teens, you will be surprised how any age enjoys this noisy and fun game. The player or players having the least amount of points wins. Remember that choosing ice breakers for meetings, even if those meetings are business-critical does not mean that you should discount fun icebreakers. They are supposed to dissolve awkwardness, but forced icebreaker games often make an event even more tense. Reassure people towards the end that it’s ok if they get stuck & encourage the others to jump in to help if anyone is lost.

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