What is Sentry's mindset for this battle? regular sentry not void or death seed. Together they take the win, @d3mon: by logic I disagree, Shazam>Superman and Sentry>Thor. When Shazam regains his ground, he see Thor jump back on his feet and as a living surge of godly storms. Thor starts out by throwing his hammer fast at Shazam, but he quickly reacts and dodges it. Where Thor however is the mightiest warrior in nine realms. Thor then flies up into the air and makes a giant tornado. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Alias: The Ramen Bomber this is new 52 shazam who has barley any feats and superman can beat i put him because i know sentry is pretty powerful so i cant put another person who is equal but he isn't far behind. In my opinion Void was just Sentry with morals off and a blood-lust. Thor then teleports away through the Bifrost, while Billy’s dead body gets thunder struck leaving only the skeleton and bones. Also, I would remind You, how Beta Ray Bill reacted when young Nova tossed herald's weapons to sun. Shazam then gets bashed by Mjolnir to be sent knock down to ground surface, making a big crater. And that Sentry stomped Terrax, broke his axe, one-shotted Atuma, stalemated and beat Void, was completly unphased by Savage Hulk, able to use telepathy to makes everyone forget him (by Mastermind order), IIRC (I am not sure who wrote it) overload Absorbing Man and currently go into Thor's mind, stop Mjolnir with TK, manipulates matter, stop half of the Exitar's planet level strength, fly around 130,000, times FTL, etc. His powers should overwhelm thor during midfight, Shazam has no feats yet" and Thor beating darkseid? Both gods were almost equal in nearly every category, but Thor was more naturally prepared. Oh and the new 52 costume, with more use of the hood, orgasmic i LOVE the hood!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thor then grabs Shazam and throw him towards the side of a mountain, creating a giant gap. More boulders started to come at him. AdamGregory03/Bowser vs. Ganondorf; … Rush momentum Add to Favourites. Although while Shazam may be able to go toe to toe with Superman, the only reason he did was because Superman was mostly holding back. Sentry can easily beat either(assuming fighting at best, so stable) and shazam at the least can hold off either. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Starscream VS Rainbow Dash; Boba Fett VS Samus Aran; Rogue VS Wonder Woman; Death battles; Goomba VS Koopa; Akuma VS Shang Tsung; Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black; Combatants . Is this Thorforce Thor ? It's even. 2.Void's strength =/< Sentry's. Electric shocks Shazam gets blown back through several rock and earth formations. At a random valley was an ancient ruin with the weather being very hard cloudy. His powers are are said to come from the one-above-all or even possibly the biblical god. One thing I do like is the idea of Billy and Cyborg having a relationship. Even so, Thor has shown that he was more capable of equaling with the gods that make up Shazam. Sentry destroying Terrax's axe is - for me - easily on the same level with what he did to Thor in Uncanny Avengers. He previously fought Captain Marvel in the 107th episode of Death Battle, Captain Marvel VS Shazam. Both thunder gods start bashing at each other, back and forth with thunder and lightning going around willy-nilly. Batman; Doomguy; Fox McCloud; Bucky O'Hare; Luke Skywalker; Master Chief; Starscream; Blog posts. Martial arts training 1.Well, it seems that saying that You don't like wouldnt' give it all, right? @easternwind How is that a feat for Thor? At a random valley was an ancient ruin with the weather being very hard cloudy. Really wish it weren’t limited to her left arm Let’s end this debate once and for all. Thor VS Shazam | DEATH BATTLE! Back with the fight, a humongous crater was formed with leftover electric sparks being emitted. @easternwind: Well he is as fast as lightning though I doubt that's anywhere near enough to blitz Thor. It was just Sentry when he lost control. Element: Fire with the thor amp in the OP thor and supes take it 8/10, without the amp i say team shazam take it with a 6/10 majority because billy isn't that skilled as a fighter so he wouldn't match up well versus thor or supes who fight for a living basically and sentry is the only thing saving his team from losing. I would have much rather enjoyed a story about Billy being good, and facing the challenges that come from being such a pure good person. • Shazam is taking this seriously. Yeah, he is rough exterior but good kid rather than bad kid who learns to be good. Justin.sommers.50/well, you know; Blaze24000/Help Out! Thor: Away with you. Thor sees him and when Shazam got close to attack, Thor emits a lightning bolt to deflect his attack. As soon as they were close enough to attack each other, they caused an electrical surge that went critical. Shazam flies after him as a charge electric bullet. and people post scans of sentry i want to learn more about him, Thor has reactions that make it so he can dodge some attacks but isn't necessarily the same speed into people, i believe he has some good reactions but i don't want people using that here. Misses create openings • Scans only from stated versions such as New 52 and Current Thor. • Thor has whatever morals a mind controlled by Darkseid Thor has. @beaconofstrength: well what is his most common mind set for his power set im making this partially to know more about him. Wonder Woman also decked him with a kick and Aquaman decked him with a punch. But like you said I can be as sure as I want to be :). Just then, Shazam unexpectedly come at him and pins him down. More: this proves how injured he was in that moment. Frisbee ring spinners Thor then starts destroying them one by one, until Shazam came at him and sucker punched him, sending Thor flying back. And doesnt new 52 cap have ranged attacks? Hoot Freeman: Tell the boys at the lab to dim down the game’s realistic levels on it. They both ram at each other with overcharged electricity. Honestly Thor or superman would obliterate shazaam he'll go down first . He knew they can't be destroyed in this way.

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