Emile just wants to beat someone up. It would be impossible, therefore, to do a Chocolate War analysis without looking at themes in The Chocolate War. Not a literal one, just normal football practice abuse. Its primary setting is Trinity High School where a secret society called The Vigils exists. Archie knows that Leon has put the school in some financial difficulty and the chocolate sale will get him out of trouble. They have been willing to let Jerry "do his thing," as Howie Anderson casually declares in Chapter 21, even if it is not their "thing." All he can say is “fine” when Jerry asks him a question or tells him about his own day at school. Archie decides to have five students sell his quota of chocolates as opposed to singling one person out to do it and is “gratified by his sense of fairness and compassion.” (67). Who exactly is in charge at this school? Jerry doesn’t know. The contestants must carry out the instructions on the ticket. Jerry finally understands the poster that’s been in his locker all year. Even at this point, however, there are clues of a more sinister and systemic antagonism toward Jerry. Needless to say, when teachers utilize gangs at the school to carry out their agenda, something’s gone seriously wrong with the school. Goober sees his own actions as beautiful because they bring him joy and a sense of confidence. "The Chocolate War Study Guide." You’re probably right. Jerry knows the signs: Brother Leon is about to make an example of someone. The real message that Jerry and the other students get is that being true to oneself invites unbearable ridicule and punishment. He has become a bit of a hero with some of the students who congratulate him on his defiance of Brother Leon. "The Glass Castle" Book Review: Should You Pick This Book Up? Goober, who has decided to stop selling his chocolates in support of Jerry, has been credited with selling his quota. Brother Leon is hopefully certainly not your ordinary high school teacher. Note the following example from chapter 1: By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13. The bleachers also needed attention–they sagged, peeling paint like leprosy on the benches. Brother Leon begins to lecture the class on how teachers and students are separate, how that separation is like the wind, invisible yet present. It is with great disappointment that Jerry realizes the futility of his actions as he wishes to tell Goober, “Don’t disturb the universe, no matter what the posters say.” (248). He has never drawn a black one as long as he’s held the position of assigner. This chapter opens with Archie interrogating a kid called The Goober. He’s too bring a screwdriver and loosen all the screws on all the furniture in Brother Eugene’s room. Have study documents to share about The Chocolate War? Chapter 10: Brother Leon holds an assembly on the importance of selling chocolates. Movies. Janza watches Archie walk coolly away and thinks how he would like to be a Vigils member. Strangers call from the street for Jerry to come down and play. Jerry wishes he could tell his friend not to defy authority, because it's too dangerous. They set a plan in motion. The fight ends when the lights on the field go out. Jerry laughs as well, uneasily. Page 1 includes an introduction to the novel's main characters as found in chapters 1-5; a look at how messed up Trinity High School is in chapters 6-10; and a look at the origins of the war … Next, we see Leon grumbling about the low chocolate sales. 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