Robert Ecker, Feb 3, 2016
To create specific behavior you can use techniques like inheritance or interfaces.

Robert Ecker, Sep 9, 2015

You may have heard the quote: “Do one thing and do it well”. Hope you would have liked it!. SOLID Design Principles in C# with Real-time Examples. Let us know if you liked the post. The Team Coder is an Open Source project. Developers can easily extend this class and create their own custom adapter with custom behaviour without modifying the existing RecyclerView.Adapter class. The SOLID principles are guidelines that can help you create maintainable and extendable classes and systems.
Single Responsibility Principle We may come across one of the principles of object-oriented design, Separation of Concerns (SoC) , that conveys a similar idea. Image Processing: Let’s Edit Our Photos with Python! Learn Data Structures & Algorithms By AfterAcademy from here. There is an RSS feed for this blog! Objective-C, for example, offers categories which can be used to add methods to a class, without touching the original class and without subclassing it.

This article is a summary of the SOLID principles as originally introduced by Uncle Bob. All Rights Reserved. Well, it’s just an acronym of the five principles listed as below. The Team Coder 2.0 - This page has been hand-crafted by Robert Ecker. The original class is closed for modification but you can add custom code to your subclass to add new behavior. We should not write something which will lead the RecyclerView to misbehave.

The easy example would be the RecyclerView.Adapter class.

Writing a code which satisfies present requirements, also which can satisfy future requirement easily, should be the goal of every developer.

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That’s the only way we can improve. If you change anything in that class, it will effect only one particular behavior of the software. Check out all the top articles at So what we do is we create a interface which abstracts the implementation of presenter and our view class keeps the reference of the PresenterInterface.

Instead the Distributer class would define an interface called Sharing which is implemented by TwitterShareAction and FacebookShareAction.

S - Single Responsibility Principle (known as SRP) O - Open/Closed Principle. Even if you extend the behavior of your class in a subclass, you must make sure that you could still exchange the base class with the derived class without breaking anything. This principle suggests that “classes should be open for extension but closed for modification”.

A class should have one, and only one, reason to change. •

This principle suggests that “parent classes should be easily substituted with their child classes without blowing up the application”.

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That means it has only one reason to change. I - Interface Segregation Principle. What does it mean that we should be having object of interface which helps us to communicate with the concrete classes.

In its base implementation, this method only slows down the car but you also want to turn on the brake lights. If we have this interface then it will force clients to implement onLongClick even if they don’t even care about long press. This principle suggests that “many client specific interfaces are better than one general interface”. What do we mean here is the child class should not implement code such that if it is replaced by the parent class then the application will stop running.

Which will lead to overhead of unused methods. Now, wherever in our code we were using Animal class object we must be able to replace it with the Dog or Cat without exploding our code. if you don't want to miss new articles!

Imagine you use an external library which contains a class Car.

SOLID principles help you to write such code. The same goes for interfaces.

The Car has a method brake.

You would create a subclass of Car and override the method brake. Robert Ecker. The implementation of this principle can be a little bit tricky if you combine it with the Open-Closed Principle. Let’s try to understand what all these principles means, one by one with examples. Robert Ecker, Feb 15, 2016 The source code should be modular and every class should contain only the minimum necessary logic to achieve the desired behavior. UltraWide Screen - Browser Extension for Videos, Authentication in Ktor Server using form data, Building cross-platform voice apps with VOXA. The SOLID Principles of Software Design by Examples. Inheritance may be the most popular way to implement the Open-Closed Principle but it is not the only one. Robert Ecker, Aug 11, 2016

Suppose any of the following change happens in future. • Now let’s consider the Cat and Dog classes which extends Animal. The classes you use should be open for extension but closed for modification. What do we gain from this is, we hide the actual implementation of class A from the class B. Subscribe Classes should be as specialized as possible. That makes the code more robust because there will be less side effects.

The acronym was first introduced by Michael Feathers and is based on Uncle Bob’s paper Design Principles and Design Patterns. Every class is responsible for exactly one thing.

If your program works with an object a of class A you can replace it with an object b of class B without changing the behavior of the program.

Make fine grained interfaces that are client specific. Let’s take following example to understand this principle. If a class had two responsibilities and you changed anything, the risk would be high that you also break the logic for the second behavior.

Part 3. This refers to the single responsibility principle. Both low and high level classes should depend on the same abstractions. So ideally according to SRP there should be three classes each having the single responsibility. In android if we are following MVP pattern then we need to keep reference of Presenter in our View. This new version was completely rebuilt in 2020 and it still contains the original content. S — Single Responsibility Principle (known as SRP). I explain each of the five principles with an example. Instead of a class which can perform all the actions, like strike, shoot and heal, you would create three different classes, one for each character type. SOLID is an acronym for five principles that help software developers design maintainable and extendable classes.

If we take Android example then we should write the custom RecyclerView adapter class in such a way that it still works with RecyclerView.

Now if we keep the Presenter concrete class object in View then it leads to tight coupling.

It just calls the sharePost method.

You have an instance of the class Car which your program uses to perform a drive action. Tight coupling means a group of classes are highly dependent on one another which … •

A ScoreCounter class is only responsible for counting the score of a game according to the scoring rules. You should be able to extend a classes behavior, without modifying it. •

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