Pretty sure Telus Fiber is $85/mo with $200 bill credit still, and if it's not you can probably get that deal by calling them. Did Telus divided it up into different grades. For example are there multiple plans set at sub-fiber speeds, making them useless; and then one plan that actually goes at a meaningful speed (over 150Megabits/12MegaBytes)? How has your experience with Shaw been? Wierdos over there as well? Telus Fiber > Shaw Fiber+ > Shaw 600 > Telus Copper Shaw "fiber" is not true fiber and it's not symmetrical, so the upload still blows and you don't get 0-1ms pings. I get 168/168 on speed tests and real worl downloads in things like steam and launcher are normally around 21-22MB/s (170mb/s+). Source:, Shaw is always on Fibre, it’s FibrePlus as they have have updated the old lines. 300 down and 300 up). You connected to an ONT with Shaw on your house? Does anyone know of any downsides to allowing Telus to access units and install the fibre and digital box? Find the best companies in Telecommunications category: Shaw Cable and Telus Communications, Shaw Cable vs Bell Canada, Telus Communications vs Rogers Communications I don't think you or anyone should be worried at all in regards to any provider blocking competition from anyone else. If you didn't authorize it they would not do it. Most people overpay for internet speeds that they do not need. Negotiate. Maybe, a configuration that exploits "Ethernet-over-power" would be applicable, because there is electrical-power into each unit. How's telus looking? If the deal expired, it is unlikely that Shaw would install in those buildings. If that doesn't work give them a call. I've had telus fiber for a while now and my parents has had shaw forever. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Is the fiber optic with telus really worth an extra $10-15 or per month for 300mbps? Even if Shaw did do all of that, they would want a commitment from X number or owners to make it worthwhile. For Edmontonians by Edmontonians! I have Internet 300 in Manitoba, and it’s 300/15. A friend is in a "co-op" multiple-unit residential building. I would say definitely allow Telus to install fibre optic cable. But shaw is limited to 150 Mb with the 8 band cable modems they have now. We call it Fibre+ because it is truly that: fibre plus more,” said a Shaw spokesperson. I don't think fiber is in my area yet and the website is vague but is it better in any way? All rights reserved. Also keep this in mind... Telus' services are delivered from a phone jack, and Shaw's services are delivered from a cable outlet... though there might be an issue if you wanted Telus' TV and/or Internet service when subscribed to Shaw's Home Phone service. Ran a 7GB download for a test and you can see it holding close to 21MB/s really well. It will be a much-larger challenge for the Shaw installers to run coaxial-cable from the telephone-pole into the building's existing primary "wiring closet", and then to run coaxial-cables "vertically" to a secondary "wiring closet" in each floor in the building, and then pull more coaxial-cables "horizontally" to each unit on a floor. a couple years ago shaw was offering 250Mb speeds, but pulled the package. I switched to Telus in my new condo in sherwood park. Hi, Telus has approached my strata in Burnaby about installing fibre optic cable to each unit. Hi there, a few years back now or maybe it was a couple years ago, Telus did our whole residential neighbourhood. I moved in a house that's wired with telus fibre optic but I already signed up with shaw (10 days to cancel). See if that helps. Of course the only speeds they can sell you as an ISP is the speed from your house and to the boundary of their network, but... this should at least give you a good idea of what you're paying for. Any Downside to Allowing Telus Fibre Installation? Yes all Coax, for stability and has FibrePlus. Some people as a result switched over to Telus when that happened, to take advantage of the new connection but there was no pressure to take it and it was sold as a good thing to have done for the future. Thanks for the discussion, guys! For official Shaw support, please visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Our building is ~10 years old and I currently have Shaw internet through a coax cable so I assume all units already have Shaw infrastructure in place. @Zeph -  there might be an issue if you wanted Telus' TV and/or Internet service when subscribed to Shaw's Home Phone service. Negotiate with TELUS, to see if they will offer a similar deal. Yes, it looks like just a standard rewire of the building, part of their upgrades that have been going on in BC and Alberta. Its awesome, I think the CRTC has made it so Telus can't outdo shaw in speed as they should be able to do 1Gb up/down. Its fibre but not the crazy fast plan I have 100 down 20 up. How does the upload compare to the download? So now that everyone has a boner over fiber optic internet, I'm wondering if there are any people on this subreddit who can offer their view on how it compares to the highest speed offered by Shaw. Find Telus customer service to be way better than Shaw, both on the phone and the people they send to my home. Possibly, if only one resident requests service from Shaw, Shaw might say "no". While they could possibly pull cable into the eroom, chances are they wouldn’t be able to pull into each suite, and owners wouldn’t want cable on the outside. Found it way better. Telus. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Shaw told Business in Vancouver in a statement the company would “vigorously defend” itself against the Telus lawsuit. No, Telus has signed exclusive deals with the strata, there is no option for cable, even if the owner wants them as a provider. The only thing i would be uploading is some home security footage. But, if Shaw receives multiple requests from residents, and can do all of them at the same time, Shaw will probably say "yes" -- Shaw likes monthly-revenue, even when their start-up costs are large. Not really. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They want you, don't sound like you want them. Just want to chime in, I have telus 150/150 and it works great. In a nutshell, 300 mbps is more than enough even if you are streaming multiple devices at the same time: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News and questions about Shaw products and services. I'm with Shaw and as long as you have a device that can support 5G connectivity than you'll get around 160mbps, but if you're using a device that isn't able to connect to 5G you'll get around 25mbps. Plus I guess you can use it as a selling point too, if deciding to move saying the house is Telus Fibre ready. I have Telus 150 Fibre and am currently getting about 100 up/100 down, hardwired through ethernet. This would substitute for "horizontal" cable-runs down a corridor, where there is no "false-ceiling" to hide one cable-run for each unit down a corridor. I think the main worry was about blocking competition from other ISPs, but if there are any other down-sides, I'd be interested to hear about it. If only 100mbit, that'll be the bottleneck. Trust me, I have a lot of experience with MDUs. Speeds never dip and service never drops and telus tech support has its own division for the Edmonton area fibre that's all local and very helpful. I also like the idea of supporting an alberta company. I get the full 10MB/s down and the latency is right around 1ms. Its fibre but not the crazy fast plan I have 100 down 20 up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The CIRA test is an awesome way to see what your actual speeds will be. I switched to Telus in my new condo in sherwood park. I was actually with telus optik before but switched to shaw when we moved mostly for price. I just got my fiber set up and apparently Shaw owns 70% of the fiber business. A question has come up among strata council members asking if allowing Telus to do this installation will block competitors in the future (such as Shaw, possibly?). Unsure if we can get all owners on the same page to negotiate a group deal with Telus (since we are a strata, not a co-op), but something to keep in mind! I am ashamed of my math. Shaw has the fast download speeds, but much slower upload (300 down and 30 up) and for your average customer, that’s generally a non-issue - your average Jane doesn’t upload content to the point those upload speeds will be a problem. If it's just theirs you can try factory resetting it by pushing a paperclip or pen in to the little red reset port on the back for 8 seconds. Not really tech savvy and just trying to see if its marketing hype. >  limits your ability to choose Shaw as your provider. They might have fibre to the CMTS, but from the node (those green pedestals) it's all coax. Here is a great article talking about how most people overpay for internet speeds that they do not need. The "full speed" plan is 150 down, 150 up. If TELUS runs a fibre-optic cable into your unit, that's a brand-new cable, connecting to their modem, and your TV and Internet originate from their modem. Their council negotiated a deal with Shaw, giving each owner a significant discount. A question has come up among strata council members asking if allowing Telus to do this installation will block competitors in the future (such as Shaw, possibly?). :(. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Thanks for the discussion, guys! Shaws a bit cheaper and highest bandwidth usage would be 4k streaming on one device at a time. They wanted all house owners to sign off if they wanted to have the fibre set up to their gray box, outside the house. Just a reminder to everyone when talking about speeds you're getting, Speedtest will default to the closest node to you (sometimes hosted at the same ISP) and will give preferential treatment to your test traffic. All your existing telephone-jacks will continue to work, because they are linked together. If there is TELUS wiring to each unit, there must be both primary and secondary wiring-closets already in existence. Not in high def though. Even a 15 mbps connection is enough for HD streaming video. There are some newer buildings that are exclusively Telus, I would be concerned about that because it not only limits your ability to choose Shaw as your provider, but also many third-party internet companies that use cable. Telus has approached my strata in Burnaby about installing fibre optic cable to each unit. I'm fairly certain that Telus tech support didn't speak English. I've had the 100, 120 and 150mbps packages now and I've lived downtown at 107ave/115st, far far north end 179ave/87st and now live on far south end 18ave/34st and every time I consistently get at least 10-20mbps over what I'm paying for so that's awesome to me. Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. is it the usual dumb crap where you have 100+ down and 5 up? If you’re doing one 4K device streaming at a time and not a huge uploader, 300mbps is probably going to be plenty for you. “We are proud of our Fibre+ network – previously known since 2016 as FibrePlus – and stand behind its branding and strength. That new cable does not use any of your existing telephone-wiring, nor, of course, any coaxial cable leading into Shaw's Phone Adapter. And they offer pure fiber in my area whereas Shaw doesn't. I have 150up and down and that website clocked me at 10 up and 11 down, it's bullshit. Compare Telus Communications and Shaw Cable pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. The "full speed" plan is 150 down, 150 up. I stuck with Shaw because it's what I know and I've never had an issue. You are exactly right.

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