One the largest wholesale stock clothing outlet in Baltic and Europe. There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised. Micolet is a new online marketplace that sells second-hand clothing for women. “Unfortunately, we can’t offer the service to sell in the UK at this moment, but in Spain we send a courier to pick up the clothes people want to sell so we really do manage everything! The company is working on opening their website up in the United Kingdom, but at the moment they are only available in two European markets. And that’s how Micolet started: the founders saw the need to offer a website on which users could buy and sell without having to worry about anything and, in addition, providing a guarantee. It will help you to plan your sales in good time. TEXVAL Import Export Second Hand Used Clothes and Shoes Wholesale. One of the key differences between the two players however is that Percentil doesn’t accept ‘low cost’ brands. The market of second-hand fashion is booming, but it’s also an industry where one should really think about how to make good money and sustain a profitable business. Here you can find more information per country. Hence, our main goal is extremely happy client! The fashion company started in Spain, but has now expanded into five more countries across Europe… What’s interesting about Micolet, is that it enables customers from Europe to shop second-hand clothing from other countries. From our head office in Hungary we can supply all the world markets. France, Portugal and the UK are other popular markets with each of them representing 15 percent of the customer base. ” All of our clothing is sold at a discounted price which often means it’s at an extremely low cost. What’s interesting about Micolet, is that it enables customers from Europe to shop second-hand clothing from other countries. Through our recovery and recycling work, we give a new life to the used garments. You will have an opportunity to personally examine goods before purchasing as we are always open for store visits (warehouse address: Snikeres iela 23, LV 1067 Riga Latvia). Ecommerce News. The remaining 10 percent and 5 percent come from Italy and Germany respectively. We also feel that this allows us to have a good relationship with our customers which is very important to us”, Loroño explains. Kreskat is a grading factory of second-hand clothes and shoes. We are certain that such practice will help customers to avoid buying a cat in a sack. We are selfish, so we are taking care of our reputation badly. The doors of our company are always open to our customers, we invite you to visit us and recognize the quality of our clothes items, sure we have all the requirements to establish a durable working relationship over time. At the moment, Micolet has about 800,000 users with most of them (40 percent) coming from Spain. Our sales managers are available 24/7, so you could solve all the issues and get the necessary information at a convenient time. “And second-hand fashion is definitely starting to become much more demanded around the world. Amazon charged with antitrust violations in Europe, El Corte Inglés turns department stores into logistics centers, Cross-border trustmark Shopping Secure launched, Price comparison shopping engines in Europe, 24% of ecommerce in Europe is cross-border. In the home market of Spain, Micolet has several competitors, like Percentil. We separate over 300 different types of items of fashionable second hand clothing… “These platforms forced consumers to waste time taking pictures, cataloging their clothes, setting prices, taking care of the shipment”, founder Aritza Loroño tells us. Here’s where you can sell secondhand clothing online for cash and store credit. We also think about the population of the country as well as the culture regarding second-hand clothing within the country.”, © Copyright 2020 - Therefore, our clients may enjoy the better price we offer in the long run. But on this website, users have to take charge of the whole process themselves: they have to upload the images of the clothes they want to sell, they have to write the descriptions of each item and they have to arrange the shipping once an item has been sold. Over three years ago, Micolet was born from the passion for fashion and for saving the environment. The customization is changing the way workers are picking as well as the layouts of warehouses designed to ensure productivity remains at required levels. We are just around the corner – Riga, Latvia, Baltic states. “When we are thinking about going cross-border, we think about whether the country is within the European Union, because this makes selling much easier. TEXVAL Import Export Second Hand Used Clothes and Shoes, Algyő, Jura Ipari Park 31/A, 6750 Ungheria. But this also means customers are willing to pay a little more for shipping”, Loroño tells us. See our services. Our warehouses are being renovated in compliance with EU requirements. It results in good communication with unique supplying factories (e.g. Brasco b.v. is a wholesale company for vintage second hand, and used clothing.We offer a shop ready product for retailers and wholesalers who share our enthusiasm for vintage and used clothing. We offer a wide selection of garments for men, women and children wholesale. , Discover all the new arrivals of the Stock and Second-Hand collections. Alternatively, we are happy to show every single piece of commodity remotely in real time when you are only planning to purchase any of our goods as well as during shipment preparation. All new and existing team members that are working at our warehouses do get the necessary training, which helps to avoid any appearance of defected commodity or any product that doesn’t match our quality standards. From our head office in Hungary we can supply all the world markets, Young and bright minds building the TEXVAL Team. It was created with the idea of being able to extend the life of clothing by buying and selling second-hand women’s clothing. We are looking for high quality second hand clothes and footwear with the utmost care and experience, with the taste of the Italian fashion.

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