David and Mary Margaret next meet Emma, Henry, Neal and Gold at the town docks, alongside Ruby, and escort the pawnbroker to his shop, due to the poison in his heart that is killing him. Emma Jones (nee Swan), also called The Savior, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He remembers just as he's driving out of town, and stops before doing so, turning back around. Privacy Policy. Henry wonders why they're still in bed in the afternoon and David quickly says that he was helping Mary Margaret rest, Emma is appalled by this. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ("The Bear and the Bow"), David, backed by Hook and Robin, approaches Arthur about his betrayal which leads to a chase through the woods where Hook's life is saved by Emma, who wields the completed Excalibur. ("Pilot"/"The Thing You Love Most"/"The New Neverland"), Snow is livid after Regina makes her threat, scared that the Queen wasn't bluffing, and Charming tells her that the way to defeat Regina is to go on their honeymoon and be happy, as that way she'll realize that she can't take their happiness away. Charming and Granny find Red's cloak and a bloody axe in the trunk of George's car, deciphering that he killed Billy, not Red, however, Red soon decides that she must die and faces the crowd alone, as the wolf, just as George is about to shoot the creature, Granny and Charming swoop in and stop him, Charming manages to remind Red that she controls the wolf and not the other way around, before draping the cloak around her. Emma in particular worried about this undercover job, which ultimately culminates in Regina learning that Rumplestiltskin is back, with his dagger in tow, and he turns young Pinocchio back into the man that is August W. Booth in order to find out what he knows about the book. Meanwhile, Emma is arrested for aiding her mother's escape. Back in Regina's office, the heroes' memories of the missing six weeks spent in Camelot are returned, and Emma realizes what Hook plans on doing: he opens a portal to hell and brings every single past Dark One to Storybrooke. Seemingly stirred to life by Mary Margaret reading him a story out of Henry's Fairy Tale book, David was found wandering the woods. ("The Price"), In a book brought over from Camelot, Regina discovers that she's earmarked a page about the Crimson Crown, a magic toadstool that was apparently important to them during the missing six weeks. Red Riding Hood helps Charming and Hook break into the Dark Palace whilst Snow heads elsewhere; however, Emma has already escaped, with another prisoner called Marian in tow. After this happy reunion, the whole gang decide to go down to Granny's Diner to celebrate the princesses' return. A married couple of shepherds named Robert and Ruth bear a set of twin baby boys, naming them David and James. As such, Emma begins worrying for her parents' safety and tries driving them out of Storybrooke, although Snow is reluctant to run from who they now know was their old wine steward Edmond. David begins to believe that, due to his intense blackouts, he could have killed Kathryn and not even had known it. As it turns out, the sapling is hidden near the Toll Bridge, where Mary Margaret saved "John Doe" when he first awoke from his coma, and, when Snow and David actually find the magical baby tree and touch it, they receive flashes of their love story. Home: Mary Margaret is trying to rescue the dove but endangers herself when she falls onto a cliff-ledge. David and Mary Margaret are later strolling along the beach when they notice a crowd has gathered, at the center of which is Ariel, who's washed ashore. She reveals to her husband that she's been unable to sleep without what they did haunting her dreams, and he reveals in turn that he's been going through the same thing, but points out that maybe Maleficent deserves what happened to her, theorizing that she lied about this Dark Curse for Regina hasn't yet acted upon the threat she made at their wedding. In order to keep her loved ones safe, for Henry's sake, she decides to return and surrender her heart, only to learn that it's more powerful than she thought thanks to the song stored inside by her parents all those years ago. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town"), Mary Margaret has a bad dream about Maleficent returning and hurting her family and becomes even more cautious about the secret she and David are hiding from everyone. Charming helps her out of the tower and brings her back home where she reunites with her parents. Charming offers his condolences and tries to rescue her, but because she tries to leave, the witch arrives and begins to attack her, tying David up with hair in the process. Touched, Mary Margaret kisses David. Being sleep-deprived, he finally wakes his wife, but grows sad again after reawakening when his father's ghost reappears to question why he's been given up on. David grabs Mary Margaret's arm and mysteriously tells her to follow him. When he wakes up, he finds the crumpled up paper and knows exactly what it means, telling the sleeping Snow that he misses her too. During their dinner together, David compliments her lasagna, and assists with dishes, while Regina thanks him for his kindness. Regina tries investigating and soon learns that the Evil Queen was the one to put up the spell, and she also has the Count's heart so that he can't help but be driven to murder the royal couple. However, he says that he won't be able to do so unless Emma's heart is ready to let go of it, and he asks her if it is. Once there, they find that the Snow Queen has been stalking Emma for quite some time and, thanks to Belle, they later discover that she hopes to cast a shattered sight spell to make everyone in Storybrooke turn on each other so all that will be left is she, Elsa and Emma (who resembles her sister, Helga), who will act as her idealized family. Zelena then arrives with one of the Mad Hatter's hats in tow and reveals that she needed it to escape Oz, which was falling apart on an apocalyptic scale. Regina then stops by, having installed a protection spell around the building to keep out the Wicked Witch, and Emma mentions wanting to go to the Mayor for some lessons in magic. When in the woods, Mary Margaret discovers the trailer home of August W. Booth only to discover that the man himself is completely made of wood. But, Rumple actually doesn't want them to do that, because then she will never become the savior and break the curse, and he offers them some forgetting potion that he plans to drink. Charming is now in the netherworld and must find the room with no door. Unfortunately, the distraction falls through and the Evil Queen arrives to both steal and destroy the sapling, telling the Charmings to meet her at the cemetery when their deadline is up. As such, Emma and Hook journey down to the deepest depths of the Underworld to find some ambrosia that will hopefully restore Hook to life - but it's a trick. It is then revealed that he was lying in aid of Regina. Meanwhile, a cauldron is prepared down in Regina's vault, and all that's needed to reach the Sorcerer is for one of his "chosen" to drop the Crimson Crown into it; they summon Arthur, who suggests that he do it alone since no one else has ever been around when he received Merlin's prophecies in the past. She wants to help find him so that she can talk him out of killing Emma, but, when the savior finally returns from the wish realm, she and Gideon do battle anyway, just as fate had prescribed. live. The curse begins to enact, but Zelena flies by on her broom, sprinkling a forget potion into it so that Snow and Regina won't remember what they're setting out to do back in Storybrooke. David vows to protect it, assuring his wife that Zelena won't get her hands on their child when it's born. Later that night, Emma finds Mary Margaret angrily washing dishes and figures out what is going on, her advice to her friend is to let David figure out his own life but advises her not to date a married man. Robin steps in but is stabbed, and David is forced to kill Percival in self-defense. However, that night, after Zelena's death at the hands of Mr. Gold, the magic from her pendant spills out through the town, causing her time travel spell to enact. ("Lost Girl"), David and the rest of the Jolly Roger crew continue to trek through Neverland's jungle in an attempt to follow Pan's map to Henry, however, due to Pan relocating the camp constantly, their destination keeps changing. Wilby ("Devil's Due"), Hook's brother Liam goes to Emma and Killian and tells them of a book that could be used to defeat Hades. David tells her that that's exactly why they have to return, to fight for their kingdom. Their plan is compromised, however, when Snow gives birth to Emma before Charming and his men are able to complete the wardrobe that will transport them to safety. She soon suggests calling Marco, for he's an expert carpenter, but they refuse, wanting to do this themselves. Emma confronts them though and freezes them all while a captive Hook escapes with Zelena, learning via his dreamcatcher full of memories that he too is a Dark One. Charming celebrates with everyone at Granny's Diner but is less than happy to see Albert Spencer/King George is there too, he wonders what he wants and George threatens to expose Charming for the shepherd he really is, Charming refuses to accept this as he believes the people of Storybrooke see him a fit leader. However, he is stared at further into submission, and soon leaves to go kiss her back in. When Emma arrives, however, she reveals that Tamara shot Neal and sent him down a portal, presumably killing him. The Charmings say that they found the flask they gave to the Author in the nunnery, which could work as part of a locator spell, and Emma tells them to work on it, deciding to take Hook and Regina with her to actually find Henry because she needs to be with people she trusts and right now she just doesn't trust her parents.

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