EVRAZ is a leading world producer of steel plate and pipe. [73] The MacKenzie Art Gallery in Wascana Centre and the Dunlop Art Gallery have permanent collections and sponsor travelling exhibitions. Regina is a travel destination for residents of southeastern Saskatchewan and the immediately adjacent regions of the neighbouring US states of North Dakota and Montana, and an intermediate stopping point for travellers on the Trans-Canada Highway. [17] But until 1897, when responsible government was accomplished in the Territories,[18] the lieutenant-governor and council governed by fiat and there was little legitimate means of challenging such decisions outside the federal capital of Ottawa. [24] Several years later the city was proclaimed the capital of the 1905 province of Saskatchewan on 23 May 1906, by the first provincial government, led by Premier Walter Scott; the monumental Saskatchewan Legislative Building was built between 1908 and 1912. [35] The current, continually expanded, 1960 terminal replaces the original 1940 Art Deco terminal; it has recently undergone further major upgrades and expansions to allow it to handle increases in traffic for the next several years. "Saskatchewan Road and Railway Bridges to 1950: Inventory". The Church of England concurrently established St Chad's College, an Anglican theological training facility, and the Qu'Appelle Diocesan School on the Anglican diocesan property immediately to the east of Regina College on College Avenue. Regina hosted the Western Canada Summer Games in 1975, and again in 1987, as well as being the host city for the 2005 Canada Summer Games. [108], Despite having fallen in recent years, Regina's crime rate remains among the highest in Canada. Green funnel clouds formed and touched down south of the city, tearing a swath through the residential area between Wascana Lake and Victoria Avenue, continuing through the downtown business district, rail yards, warehouse district, and northern residential area. There are 83,179 dwellings with an occupancy rate of 95.7%. [4] Statistics Canada has estimated the CMA's population to be 261,684 as of 2019. [107], The Regina Police Service is the primary police service for the city of Regina and holds both Municipal and Provincial Jurisdiction. The CPR no longer operates regular passenger services, though in the past railway passenger trains constituted the principal mode of inter-urban transit among Western Canadian cities. Its Regina presence a merger of the former Wascana Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences and Regina Plains Community College: Note: The police reports and the community profiles don't necessarily have the same neighborhoods, so, for some I had to try to determine (by looking at a map), which belonged together. Public and separate schools are amply equipped with state-of-the-art science labs, gymnasia, drama and arts facilities: already by the 1960s, Regina high schools had television studios, swimming pools, ice rinks and drama facilities. As of the 2016 census, Regina had a city population of 215,106, and a Metropolitan Area population of 236,481. 159. [48] Fort Qu'Appelle and its neighbouring resort villages on the Fishing Lakes remain a summer vacation venue of choice;[49] Indian Head is far enough from Regina to have an autonomous identity but close enough that its charm and vitality attract commuters – it "has a range of professional services and tradespeople, financial institutions, and a number of retail establishments. Domestic water was originally obtained from Wascana Lake and later the Boggy Creek reservoir north of the city and supplemented by wells, however by the 1940s this was proving inadequate to meet the city's water supply needs. Retrieved 19 November 2009. Thomas Chase, "Casavant, Opus 1409, 1930/1993. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy, "Depot" Division, is on the western perimeter of the city. [96] It was not returned to private automotive manufacture after the war and became derelict. Kathleen Wall, "Regina Symphony Orchestra,", "Regina's Buffalo Days gets a new name: Queen City Ex". Wilson Park. In 1912, the Regina Cyclone destroyed much of the town;[11] in the 1930s, the Regina Riot brought further attention and, in the midst of the 1930s drought and Great Depression, which hit the Canadian Prairies particularly hard with their economic focus on dry land grain farming. Thereafter, Saskatchewan never recovered its early promise and Regina's growth slowed and at times reversed. He retired from politics in 1900 after unsuccessfully running for Parliament in New Westminster, British Columbia, Berton, 379. The average daily temperature for the year is 3.1 °C (37.6 °F). The city takes great pride in this national institution which is a major visitor attraction and a continuing link with Regina's past as the headquarters of the Force, together with longstanding substantial enrollment by trainees from across Canada, obtaining entertainment and recreation citywide. Daria Coneghan, "Regina," The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan. Medical services are provided through three city hospitals, Regina General, Pasqua (formerly Grey Nuns), and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and by private medical practitioners, who, like hospitals, remit their bills to the public universal medical insurer, the Saskatchewan Medicare system. According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the population of Regina is 193,100,[88] a 7.7% increase from 2006. The City operates five municipal golf courses, including two in King's Park northeast of the city. The service run 7 days a week with access to the city centre from most areas of the city. The lowest temperature ever recorded was −50.0 °C (−58 °F) on 1 January 1885, while the highest recorded temperature was 43.9 °C (111 °F) on 5 July 1937. The racial make up of Regina is White (78.6%), Aboriginal (9.9%) (First Nations (5.8%) and Metis (3.9%), Southeast Asian (3.5%), South Asian (2.6%), East Asian (2.2%), Black (1.6%), Latin American (0.7%) and Arab & West Asian (0.6%).

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