70 years ago, six Philly women became the world's first digital computer programmersHarry Kyriakodis has heard the same talk.A historian … Is this good? The old approach to Reading Terminal was then abandoned. The idea of tunnels under Center City and Old City has long interested local historians. Just two short underground segments were excavated under Arch Street before the war: one between 12th and 13th Streets that is 263 feet long and the other between 10th and 11th Streets that is 126 feet long. Whether it was used to move and store booze during Prohibition, Bratton wasn't sure. Follow that path straight for awhile. On my left there’s a seating area, and the ceiling is all glass. The garden service center is next door to an adult bookshop, across the street from a crematorium, and down the road from a city prison. This looks promising. Follow this pathway as it bends south around City Hall. After a while you’ll see a sign for 18th and Market, directing you to continue straight. The first stretch of stores is fairly mundane, but a claw game filled with Starbucks to-go cups — “Every Cup A Winner! There are tall glass doors ahead, and I fear they will lead me into a fancy office building. (The sign was presumably erected in happier times.). Historic Gloria Dei Preservation Corporation. So many beautiful spaces & pieces of amazing architectural detailing. below-ground tunnels would be an urban success story, step-by-step instructions at the end of this post, Download a printable PDF of these instructions here, Iconic South Philly pretzel shop asks for help to reopen after power surge, Philly police seek extra $18 million for protest coverage and raises, Republican Philly commissioner to Trump: Your personal attacks are a distraction, Philly adds online options as coronavirus spike overloads city contact tracers, Good job, Philly: Only 1% of city mail ballots were ‘naked’, ‘Fraud Street Run’ from Four Seasons Total Landscaping raises thousands for Philabundance, Boot & Saddle is closing, long live the Boot & Saddle sign, Philly’s world-famous sneaker brand Ubiq is gone, but Atmos has arrived, Expecting ‘danger’ and ‘drama’ in Philly, international reporters find a street party instead, Smog alert: Philly air quality is twice as bad as usual, thanks to the warm weather. The vibe is like the Gallery all over again. If we are wise, we avoid the 2 Street Café’s $9 margaritas despite the entreaties of a very kind waitress with fluorescent violet lipstick. I notice that next to the Philly Pretzel Factory, there’s an unassuming corridor. I have to make a decision, which my therapist will happily tell you is not my strongest skill.

"Who would have built them? The task proves insurmountable due to the waxy coat of the containers: “I’ve never seen anyone win,” confides a nearby janitor, who refers us to a claw game where he regularly wins plush toys for his children. Another problem: The connection I’m supposed to find to further my concourse journey is anything but obvious. I shudder at the thought of a germy adult ball pit. Election officials worried the rule would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. Back at it, I try a random set of stairs, and it brings me…to the inside of the Market Street side of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

[2], Bernard Goldentyer was the CCCC Project Manager for the City of Philadelphia, making him responsible for coordinating the efforts over a dozen different contracts totaling over $250 million.

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