[66][67][68][69][70], Mariazell, Austria – The third requiem was celebrated by Bishop Egon Kapellari in the pilgrimage town of Mariazell on 13 July 2011 at 14:00, with around 1,000 members of the high nobility and leading politicians present. [8], Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization – The UNPO secretary-general Marino Busdachin praised Otto as "a champion of multi-culturalism and European integration. ", "Habsburg-Tod: Sohn informiert in ORF-Radio über weitere Details", "Kaisergruft als Wiener Touristenattraktion", "Regina von Habsburg tritt ihre letzte Reise an", "Habsburg: Begräbnis führt zu Behinderungen", "Habsburg-Begräbnis: Station Stephansplatz wird gesperrt", "Grüne kritisieren Kosten für Habsburg-Begräbnis", "Österreich und sein imperiales Erbe: Touristen kommen wegen K.u.K.-Flair", "Ein Geschenk Gottes an die Tourismusindustrie", "Starke Malteserpräsenz bei den Trauerfeiern", "Auch Papst Benedikt kondoliert der kaiserlichen Familie", "Pontifikalrequiem für Otto von Habsburg in München", "Otto von Habsburg: Die größte Trauerfeier seit Franz Josef Strauß", "Habsburg - Münchner Requiem im TV und auf Leinwand", "Kardinal Marx würdigt Einsatz Otto von Habsburgs", "Vielfältige Symbolik bei Trauerfeier von Otto Habsburg in Mariazell", "Oldest son of Austria's last emperor buried", "Habsburg-Requiem: Kollekte für Dürreopfer in Afrika", "Habsburg: Interreligiöse Totengebete in Kapuzinerkirche", "Christian, Jewish and Muslim clerics pray for late son of last Austrian emperor and wife", "Die jüdische Gemeinde betet für Otto von Habsburg", "Ökumene-Feier zur Herzbestattung Habsburgs", "Viel Pomp auf dem Weg in die Kapuzinergruft", "Habsburg-Begräbnis mit Anklopf-Zeremonie an Wiener Kapuzinergruft", "Vor Gott zählen nur Glaube und Gute Werke: Wortlaut und Sinn der 'Anklopf-Zeremonie' an der Wiener Kapuzinerkirche", "Gatterhölzner Pfarrnachrichten, No. I accept it readily. The funeral has been described as a major event in Vienna's history; Cardinal Schönborn described it as "a historic moment for Austria", stating that it will be good for the country to "think of this great Habsburger in prayer and gratitude". [52] He served from 1979 until 1999 as a Member of the European Parliament for the conservative Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU) party, eventually becoming the senior member of the European Parliament. Later he was a strong supporter of the EU membership of central and eastern European countries. [55], In December 2006, he observed that, "The catastrophe of 11 September 2001 struck the United States more profoundly than any of us, whence a certain mutual incomprehension. On this painful occasion, on behalf of the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens, and on my personal behalf, I express my most heartfelt condolences and my deepest sympathy to the Court of Habsburg. [23][39][40] Crown Prince Otto was educated by monks from Pannonhalma Benedictine College. Kurier, Wien, 8 July 2011 (German)...es gebe "keinen Staat in Europa, der mehr Recht hat, sich als Opfer zu bezeichnen, als es Österreich gewesen ist". [75], While Otto and Regina were lying in repose in the Capuchin Church, Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayers—reflecting the multicultural and multi-religious heritage of Austria-Hungary—were read on Thursday 14 July, by Bishop Stephan Turnovszky, Rabbi Steven Langnas, and Grand Mufti Mustafa Cerić, respectively. A New History" (Harvard 2016); Christopher Clark "The Sleepwalkers" (New York 2012). He was also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. Today, Europe has lost a prominent politician, the great proponent of peace and a contributor to its union, while Kosovo has lost an irreplaceable friend who will be considered and remembered forever. It was also Father Gottfried who opened the gates for Empress-Queen Zita in 1989. Oktober 1966 nach Österreich ein und besuchte in Innsbruck das Grab von Erzherzog Eugen. He played a central role in the revolutions of 1989, as a co-initiator of the Pan-European Picnic. Otto was commonly known in the U.S. as "Otto of Austria", and tried to keep his homeland and its neighbors in the minds of the American people by inaugurating a series of stamps (the Overrun Countries series) featuring the German-occupied nations of Europe.

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