Why not try the Nagashi somen noodles if you are looking for what to eat in Takachiho gorge. Generally, somen are eaten in cold or dipped in cold broth. Catch 'em all. Nagashi somen is a fun activity often done with family and friends during the summertime in Japan. Next, we would like to guide you on step-by-step on how to access to Fukuoka Airport from the city.
A simple local dishes and perfect in summer. Perfect in summer, when the weather is scorching hot! Nagashi somen, which translates as “flowing noodles”, is a traditional practice of eating noodles in summer where a bamboo gutter is set out like a water slide and noodles are sent down to be caught with chopsticks on the way past. Somen have the distinction of cooking very quickly. If Ibusuki Sand Onsen, Lake Ikeda, or Kaimondake volcano are on your itinerary, Tosenkyo somen nagashi restaurant is the place to head for lunch. The dish is very simple, and very refreshing.

In most of Japan you can only eat Nagashi Soumen durin g the summer, but in Takachiho, it is available all the way up to the end of November.
So, we decided to get to the airport by subway as it was the cheapest option. "Nagashi" comes from the verb "nagasu" (流す) which literally means "to flow". So what exactly is nagashi-somen? The flowing bamboo noodles is one of the must try food in Takachiho. Somen (そうめん, 素 麺) are thin and white noodles made from wheat flour.

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