Not only do meditators often look decades younger than their actual age, but they also live much longer lives. Powerful CEOs, famous Hollywood actors, bestselling authors, well-known media personalities, top military rank, high level creatives, professional athletes, and even billionaires say meditation is the secret to their success. It is your authenticity, positive energy, and commitment that have gained their trust. Teacher at Monroe HS. If quiet is impossible among your roommates or family members, try noise-cancelling headphones. There was one student that felt so inspired and [it] really improved her school work!" Here’s your formula for happiness! ". These results hold for all kinds of addictive substances — drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, and even food (which, by the way, can be as addictive as cocaine). Not only do their grades improve, but students who practice meditation report lower levels of stress. After the training, they showed a reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms. By improving communication, meditation helps family members to be attentive and open to one another, ultimately creating a more supportive family unit. Tack on a meditation session after that to create time for stillness, rest, and deep relaxation. From extending life, to conquering unconquerable diseases, to rewriting genetic code, meditation's latest scientific findings are incredible. Not only does meditating make the brain sharper, it also helps to make it a more harmonious unit: university students who took up meditation were found to have changes in the fibers in the brain area related to regulating emotions and behavior. Joining one new habit with an established one can help it take hold. The more I meditated, the more balanced I felt, the more energy I had, and I started to have more patience, which I think is the best new characteristic I have developed. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases . No fancy meditation equipment to buy, no member’s card to acquire: a few minutes a day is all that’s required. This meditation helps me more than anger management ever did. Through a process called "Neurogenesis," scientists have discovered that our brain's "neuron count" is not set for life. Get "Gritty" with meditation. It makes me feel extremely calm". Hormonal changes can lead to mood swings, increased appetite and nausea, to name but a few. 9. Regular meditation practice helps students to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Poor communication is one of the primary causes of conflict within families. The meditation energy is essential to the success of these students! In general, teachers who less stressed and less anxious create a better learning environment and are better able to adapt to the various demands of their jobs.

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