In the lawn, you can revert to the old fashioned method. If your lawn has fallen victim of a Leatherjacket infestation and you’ve spent time and money repairing or replacing your lawn, you’ll not want it to happen again. Be the first to know: Sign up for exclusive offers, tips and more. There are all sorts of deterrent type products There are several reasons that your lawn could develop patches of dead grass so if you see it, don’t automatically assume it’s Leatherjackets. There are several types of damage in the lawn that may indicate grubs. to be an effective solution. Make sure the lawn does not dry out after applying nematodes. and enlarge the nest, feed the larvae and to gather food for the colony. Chafer Beetles prefer to lay their eggs in more compacted soil. Probably best to leave the worms to perform their organic Sign Up, © 2020 Artificial Lawn Company. Depending on how bad the infestation is you may choose to do one of two things; Before you make a decision, weigh up the costs of lawn renovation versus the cost of replacing it. If you’ve only got a small area of grass it’s often more cost-effective to replace it (and you have a much higher chance of successfully removing the problem). In heavily infested gardens As if I was there doing it all for you! There are a whole host of pests Left unchecked over a period of years ant Digging is hard work, even if you only have a small lawn so if you choose to do it with a spade, you’ll need a good soak in the bath afterwards! Make sure the lawn does not dry out after applying nematodes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When fully fed, the larvae turn into pupae. of year, ant nests produce winged ants. Natural predators, such as ants, wasps, ground beetles and birds can be effective in managing the grub population. Timing for application of insecticides impacts their effectiveness and differs depending on the chemical, so follow the recommendations on the package. their tunnels. This makes the Crane Flies have to work harder to burrow into the lawn and lay their eggs. By eating the grass roots, chafer grubs will destroy your lawn from the inside out. These worms actively prey on Leatherjackets, attacking them through openings in their bodies and infecting them with a fatal bacteria. These fly up and mate, after which the males die and the young Finally, if you prefer to combine treatment with prevention, consider laying an artificial lawn. Their role is to maintain, guard The grubs are within the soil profile therefore sufficient water needs to be applied after the nematodes have been applied to bring them into contact with the grubs. I’d love to see your before and after pictures. Aside from this, as with all treatments, it’s essential to follow the instructions on the box as each nematode treatment can differ. Scarify or rake your lawn to clear it of debris and thatch, Spike the lawn’s surface to allow the nematodes to get into the soil more quickly, Follow dilution instructions for your nematode treatment and apply it, Re-seed your lawn to replace any of the damage caused by the grubs, wildlife or the scarification progress, Use weed killer or herbicides to kill your lawn. Plus, My Top Choices, How to Scarify Your Lawn (The Ultimate Guide), Pruning Hebes – How & When to Prune Hebe Plants & Shrubs, When to Prune Shrubs – Pruning Calendar for Shrubs, Pruning Honeysuckle Lonicera – How & When To Prune, Pruning Ribes – Flowering Currant – How & When to Prune, Pruning Buddleias – Butterfly Bushes – How & When To Prune, Removing excess lawn thatch is good for the overall health of your lawn but it’ll also create the perfect bed for. lawn partners provide a free, no obligation, evaluation and proposal. I'm a professional gardener with degrees in Horticulture & Landscape Gardening. This will occur just before the grubs emerge as adult beetles, only to lay more eggs in your lawn and repeat the process. They become inactive as winter approaches, but become active and begin feeding again in the spring. They’re part of the natural balance of living organisms that inhabit your turf and should be nothing to worry about. worm casts when they are dry, with a besom broom or an up-turned wire In late summer and fall, randomly shaped dead patches may indicate grubs. If you have suffered from a bad infestation it’s a good idea to apply them each year. Preventative products kill young grubs that hatch in the current season, helping you avoid damage in the fall and the following spring. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps maintain the site. If you’re happy to mix concentrate and you have a knapsack sprayer to apply it, I recommend a commercial strength glyphosate weed killer concentrate. Warm-season grasses are more tolerant of grubs than cool-season varieties. In the absence of a suitable pesticide the only mean presently available is a biological method of control using nematodes. Whatever your requirements, we have an artificial lawn perfect to suit your needs. In either case, it is entirely possible to repair the lawn while the pest treatment is ongoing. ), … This method of chafer grub treatment is slightly slower than nematodes but works equally well. Nematode chafer grub treatment is entirely safe for pets, children and the environment despite the intimidating name, there are just a couple of points to keep in mind if you want to use this method to address your concerns. We have cultivated a full range of the highest quality, most realistic synthetic turf currently available. The damage they cause is incidental to their lifestyle. When the soil is dry or cold they go deeper into the soil, resulting in Nematodes can be applied as a preventative measure in the Spring and Autumn. Laying turf is beyond the scope of this article. Artificial Lawn Company is a registered trademark. There are other treatment options you can consider. The leatherjackets are grey-brown, up to If you’re going to treat (or prevent) leatherjacket infestations effectively you need to know when they’re most likely to happen. Synthetic grass is no longer the vibrant, unnatural green that many people think of when they imagine artificial turf, there are now blended colours and soft-touch memory fibres to make it look and feel just like the real thing. 25mm long and tubular-shaped and wrinkled in appearance. This is most effective between July and October when the chafer grubs are most active. fertile female ants, known as queen ants, which lay eggs in brood chambers available on the market but moles will tend to return if they are not Just clear away the dead material and water the damaged area. Insecticides are available to help you control grubs. Peel back the turf and look for grubs. Curative products with active ingredients such as trichlorfon are designed to kill grubs at any stage of development. The soil temperature should be above 12ºC before application. Not only does this lead to an ugly, patchy lawn, but it can have a knock-on effect if the local wildlife attracts other predators or leaves waste in its wake. When to Apply Grub Worm Treatment. Once you’ve spread new grass seed you’ll want it to germinate and grow quickly. If you notice any kind of pattern like this, particularly if it occurs annually and with regularity, you should seriously consider investigating the possibility of a full chafer grub attack. These worms feed As experienced artificial grass suppliers and installers, the team here at Artificial Lawn Company are perfectly placed to offer a fast and easy installation experience. If these conditions have been met, you can use the following steps to apply your chafer grub killer: Leave the nematode treatment to work for around two weeks before moving forward with re-seeding and next steps. In most cases, having Leatherjackets in your lawn is perfectly normal. The young grubs begin feeding and continue into the fall, when they do the most damage. feed on the roots of grasses. If you’ve gotten away with only minor damage, repairing the lawn is very viable. Copyright © All rights reserved. It’ll also kill the grass which cuts off the Leatherjacket’s food supply. Solution: Disperse This will bring most of the grubs to the surface. filling in to maintain a level lawn surface. dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page, Seed Your Lawn: How and When to Plant Grass Seed. within the nest. It’s important to scarify BEFORE applying the Nematodes. Water the lawn thoroughly in the evening and cover with blankets, carpet, polythene sheets etc. Also, get a pair of aerating sandals. Adult chafers are medium-sized Repair damaged turf by re-sowing with grass seed or laying turf in mid to late spring when the chafer grubs have moved deeper into the soil to pupate. Because Leatherjackets come to the surface of the lawn during Summer, that’s when you’ll know if you’ve got a problem. Apply to moist lawns when the soil temperature is above 12°C and water them in well. on decaying vegetation in the soil and they deposit their muddy excrement If it’s dry, water the lawn every couple of days. In most cases, this is a diluted chemical solution which contains a specific species (Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora) of parasitic worm, or nematode. If you don’t fancy mixing concentrated solutions, use something like Fast Action Weedkiller Pump 'n' Go Spray by Roundup. Heaps of excavated soil are thrown up on the surface Checking the soil for grubs is the only way to confirm that your lawn has grubs and determine if they are a problem. Alternatively, you can choose to completely replace your lawn and starve the grubs out of the soil. Since the end of 2016, there is no pesticide commercially available product to treat Chafer Grubs. Even better, if you plan on repairing your lawn, send a before and after picture and I’ll share it with the community. The nematodes seek out the Leatherjackets, attack and infect their host with a bacteria which stops the Leatherjackets from feeding, quickly killing them.

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