Juggernaut has no way to defeat doomsday. I say stalemate, but the one with the best chance of winning is Juggernaut. Go back and read the comic. Juggernaut possesses limitless superhuman durability. Cain power source is simply greater then Hulk's. JavaScript is disabled. This wasn't actually a good match competition-wise, but I liked it because it really put into perspective just what it means to go up against a foe who cannot be hurt.

There aint no way Doomsday can kill him.

The Juggernaut is the last malefactor standing. If these two would have fought though full power it would be an endless fight favoring juggernaut because both do not develop fatigue toxins and one increases in strength, but the other just cannot be hurt. 98% Upvoted. Juggernaut will get tired. In a sense magic is superior to science in fiction terms. Because of his invulnerability it's often overlooked how strong The Juggernaut is. To make good on his claim The Juggernaut swipes Thing across the chest. I'm not sure how Venom is still conscious after that, but he is.

I think you can just the main problem is the magic aspect, could Doomsday adapt against magic or adapt a way to nullify it, he's adapted to weaknesses before but not sure if he can in this case cause of the magic nature and haven't really seen him adapt to magic.

Well, it's time to do justice about Juggernaut feats (Cain Marko). Both can actually hurt each other to at least a small extent though, just not end each other. Jake King says it's Doomsday. I think they make a decision of who should win to make their character look better like superman beating juggernaut with one punch. thanks for reading (: They would probably fight to a Stalemate since neither can kill the other. This here is the most accurate outcome of the battle. A classic hulk was able to out smart juggernaut on multiple occasions. Hulk then just left after talking to Xavier (which is what he wanted to do anyway, not fight). Well,The Juggernaut was sent to kidnap Venom's girlfriend. it's a tough fight since neither can get hurt easily. Depends on the versions of both. Nope, Juggernaut cannot win. He easily defeats ninety eight of the ninety nine villains but Mephisto seeing Thing single-handedly thwart his plan rips up the contract for Thing's soul. Allowing all feats Juggy can't do it. Cain and Logan after Cain had just brought the building down on himself and Colossus. Juggernaut is strong enough to inflict damage and unlike Superman he has limitless stamina. It will make conversations on the internets possible. Juggernaut pretty much gets sent to space as much or even more than the Hulk himself does. Before we begin, I must qualify this battle. Juggernaut defeated Storm by projecting energies. i am voting inconclusive since juggernaut can't really hurt doomsday but doomsday can't get past the forcefield so neither can hurt the other. Well first we have to start with their encounters. r/whowouldwin: If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from … Press J to jump to the feed. Juggernaut didn't charge at the Hulk that entire fight, as it was mostly physical attacks. Close. Also Juggernaut has toppled the mighty cosmic entity Stranger with one punch, twice, who'd grown to about 50 feet tall or more. check out the FAQ by clicking the Juggernaught also gets stronger via the gem since Cyttorak fuels him. The point was just that it CAN be done. Stronger guys than him usually just nullify his connection to the gem or just BFR him usually. Here is a fact. The parameters set forth in these contests are determined by comic book editors, writers and designers, not me. The prupose of this website and these fights is to add some context to the endless arguments over Marvel vs DC. The link to the forum is down, however. And Juggernaut IS NOT PHYSICALLY STRONG ENOUGH TO HARM DOOMSDAY! Also, Doomsday scales to Superman, which puts him somewhere in the 600 kilofoe range while Juggernaut scales to Thor and Hulk, putting him in the 300 kilofoe range. Still, unlikely tactic, since he doesn't regularly throw people into space. Unless Juggernaut can gain enough ground stupidly fast enough to knock Doomsday into orbit and at such speed that it somehow forces a rip in space and into an interdimensional portal and out of his timeline, Juggernaut cannot defeat Doomsday. This guy was smashing dimensional barriers without any trouble and was beating cosmic entities ( well, one entity but still counts) like nothing. just anwser this question could Juggs take superman with one armed tied behind his back. Juggernaut charges Doomsday to unconsciousness, and beats him... this once. and I wish we at least got a reason on why his Type 4 got removed when Cyttorak can just bring him back whenever he wants. Luckily for Venom though the street gives way before his face does and both combatants fall underground. Lets get started! I still believe in Juggernaught because of the crimson gem's immortality and invurnerability features. He finishes by putting Thing down with a double fisted hammer blow. He can not be killed. But he can't beat him to death now. Can Doomsday beat Trion Juggernaut? The Juggernaut-"Top that fella, if you can. DOOOOOOOOMMMMMSSSDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Nightcrawler fearing for the strange man's safety says he and Logan should stop the steel powerhouse from annihilating the poor guy. and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. Some versions of DD would rape Juggy. It shows Cain foot on Hulk's face, throughout the brawl Hulk seemed to received far more and seriously damage. You're missing the fact that juggernaut isn't strong enough. Doomsday tosses him around like a ragdoll, juggernaut sustains no damage and loses via ring out...or "planet out". Editorial: "Frankly, there is no way in Hell Venom takes this throttling conscious throughout the duration. Does anyone win?

But Doomsday has already been beaten to death. Stalemate unless Juggernaut can toss Doomsday into the end of time. It should have been over long before the beating went from harsh to midieval. He charges at Class 1000 intensity, but because Doomsday has Shift-X invulnerability, Juggernaut can only do 6 pts of damage per hit.

Are you guys talking about a basis for an argument for juggernaut or is this just a discussion? And doomsday doesn't throw people into space because everyone can fly. As any sane man would considering what someone in The Juggernaut's weight-class had just done to him. Juggernaut has no way to kill him.

Then Juggernaut follows up with a left cross that rocks Thing further.
101. I am curious about how DD keeps from getting pounded out like Superman did to him. Colossus comes back into the room angry, armored up, and ready to throw down with this mysterious strongman who had just nearly killed him for nothing. A lot of people mention Juggernaut vs Hulk, and Doomsday vs Superman so, that's what we will start with! Juggernaut, once moving, cannot be stopped by mortal means. There, some kind of living slime begins "speaking" to Venom. Also he knocked out Colossus and defeated all the X-Men simultaneously! Thanos should be comparable to the DC 4-B characters since he consistently slaps the Marvel 4-B characters like fighting 2 Thors at once. Speed equalized, no prep, both bloodlusted, takes place in a abandoned city with them 10 meters apart Juggernaut: 1 Doomsday: 1 Inconclusive: 2 If I miscounted any please let me know so I can keep correct count From what I've heard and seen a bit. Most powerful version version of the characters fight. Juggernaut may be immune to physical damage but he simply does not have the ability to put Doomsday down. Cytorrak enchants Juggernaut to the point that he has unlimited stamina and potentially incalculable strength, according to Marvel. Well, technically yes it could. Juggernaut will be hurling through space. Just my opinion and not based on factual evidence. How can he lose? I didn't even read the rest of your post. Venom was able to regather and launch 3 quick blows (his only ones), but apparently Juggernaut wasn't amused and simply batted Venom away and proceeded to smash a telephone pole across his face. Going toe-to-toe with The Juggernaut with only his original strength Ben Grimm puts up a valiant stand for about 5 seconds. Stalemate for sure. He merely senses his opponent's strength/weakness and instantly develops an ability to withstand, overcome, and defeat it. He can't kill doomsday because Doomsday was already beaten to death. A punch from Cain puts an end to that as Colossus goes flying headfirst through the wall and back into the bar. Original content (C) Copyright 2017 by Deen Gill. to say who wins, i'm not sure, " Yes, Hunter Prey Doomsday was smart [combat wise] he just didnt talk The only version of DD I can think of that spoke was the one that fought Gog ". His son Skaar only BFR'd him to space too in their first encounter with each other iirc. Is it to the death? Doomsday would destroy Juggs and Superman would rip his helmet off then his head.....NEXT. The main purpose of this forum is to discuss how to properly index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises.

doomsday has low-high regen while juggernaut has mid so doomsday dominates there.

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