Cantwell initially told police the post was a joke, but later said in an email to the Keene Police Department that the post “was intentionally provocative, playing to fears drummed up in the media about this film,” according to prosecutors. Aside from Jews, multiculturalism, and feminism, one of the alt-right’s biggest obsessions is the declining white birthrate. Ding dong! … To kill government agents who would otherwise use force against them, until their jobs simply become so dangerous that they seek other lines of work.”, Three months later, in June 2014, Cantwell celebrated the death of two police officers, writing, “The good news is, two cops are dead.”. A large amount of ammunition, as well as a crossbow, a machete, and several knives, were also recovered from the scene, according to police. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you can stay up to date on the latest episodes of my show. Cantwell ultimately surrendered to law enforcement in Lynchburg, Virginia, was arrested without incident, and charged with felony assault. (Sweden — real name Peter Imanuelsen — said the situation proved how “cucked” the Swedish people are.) Or perhaps you saw the 2014  episode of “The Colbert Report,” in which Cantwell can be seen harassing parking enforcement officers on the streets of Keene. Your time is short.”. Jared Howe. But in his writing and podcasts, including a series of recordings he made in late 2016, Cantwell offered significant additional details of his battles, saying he began abusing drugs at 13, beginning with marijuana, and then expanding to include alcohol, stimulants, steroids, PCP, acid, mushrooms, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and methamphetamine. Over the course of two days in mid-June 2019, Cantwell told CheddarMane that unless he handed over the identity of Vic Mackey, Cantwell would “fuck” his wife. A few months later, Cantwell approached Bowl Patrol member CheddarMane via a private chat on Telegram. He uses Nazi symbols.

Hilary Sargent is a freelance journalist. Select this … It certainly wasn’t the first time Cantwell had spoken openly about his contact with law enforcement. Jared Howe. Cantwell was ordered to pay a fine. Aside from Jews, multiculturalism, and feminism, one of the alt-right’s biggest obsessions is the declining white birthrate. While the FBI put together the pieces needed to prosecute him for the threats against CheddarMane, Cantwell again put himself squarely on law enforcement’s radar.

A jury of twelve, along with four alternates, was selected on September 15.

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