To this I add barley flakes which are just rolled barley to make up to 20 grams. Now it is difficult to find say yoghurts that aren’t low fat even the butter has a light version. I usually eat fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. I found I was fine all morning, and at this time I was slim. Aine. I am possibly a couple of pounds lighter than when I attempted the diet at first, but I quickly get very flabby around the middle if I eat the ‘wrong’ food. Yet it seems to be making no impact on the wider population, let alone the broader media, evidenced by garbage such as this. The company then converted the expert’s rankings into scores that allowed them to determine the top diets. If you need a blood glucose meter – go to and they are always offering free meters and there test strip prices are very good ( and have low carb recipes! Place the oats, buckwheat and quinoa flakes in a small pan, cover with the water, add the sweetener (if using), and then place over a low heat. Olivia Petter @oliviapetter1. “U.S. sugar or sodium is added to compensate for the fat. Would appreciate views on eating the good old jumbo porridge oats- to eat or not to eat? I find that it causes a huge spike for me, even the really coarse old fashioned oats, so sadly I give them a miss. The Mediterranean Diet meal plan is high in fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fatty foods like fish, nuts and olive oil. They like the DASH diet for it’s traditional low fat, whole carbs, fruit, etc….all the stuff that has been putting most of us in a downward spiral most of our lives. © The British Diabetic Association operating as Diabetes UK, a charity registered in England and Wales (no. Someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes. There is some debate as to how they come up with this figure as it seems to include a small element of “undiagnosed” cases. These are usually pre-cooked slightly in order to speed up the cooking process. Need the oats etc to keep ‘regular’. What are we to make of this? Thank you for the really useful information. Rolled oats are steamed and pressed, whereas steel-cut are cut into smaller pieces and have a chewier texture. Yet. It’s not a big bowl at all, is delicious with interesting textures and keeps me going for ages with no sugar spikes. Apart from the significant weight loss of 14 kg in 10 weeks, I have also had seismic shift in my attitude to food and a newfound respect for my bodies ability to process carbs and its amazing ability to suffer ill health for a prolonged period and to bounce back That’s the life advice they are promoting? Power porridge. In the U.S. this is a big problem, along Porridge is traditionally a breakfast dish that is simply made by cooking oats with water or milk. Then looked on the internet and saw a product by Bulk Powders which claims to be stevia only with no added ingredients. The whole category is a disaster for me.) It’s not just a bonafide bowl full of joy. Cinnamon porridge with banana & berriesPorridge with blueberry compoteSummer porridgeApple & linseed porridgeCreamy yoghurt porridgeBanana & tahini porridgeCardamom & peach quinoa porridge. The secret is not to have too big a serve-Michael’s recipes use only 25grams. It is as though the fat cells are just waiting to expand and fill up a ‘spare tyre’ that’s deflated but hasn’t disappeared after dieting. Please log in or register to post a reply. That’s why you don’t see them used in large quantities in products that include a lot of sweeteners like soft drinks. brain fully engaged to navigate around all the “poisons” out I’m a fan and about to embark on 8 week diet plan – recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes- but unsure whether I can include them or not, can anyone please advise? Esnecca, I’m sure you’re right. If you are eating porridge try a little almond milk, that is nice and sweet without the high carb or sugar rush. Gary Taube was a groundbreaking science writer for the New York Times who assembled actual research on diet, weight gain, the effects of excess carbs and insulin. It has to be that way to make birds and small animals eat it and spread the seeds. I would still say the French diet is healthy as they naturally dont go in for lots of carbs with meals although the still love their baguettes which is just made with flour, water, yeast and salt – so no fat. It seemed to reset my system and the weight loss started again. That is just an aside as I used to be chubbychops until I read a motivational paper saying giving ourselves negative labels gives us negative thoughts about ourself. When I reach a more “normal” level I will try again as oatmeal is a very healthy option – normally. I’m a fan and about to embark on 8 week diet plan – recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes- but unsure whether I can include them or not, can anyone please advise? Maybe a treat of eg. (Not I. Oats contain magnesium, iron and zinc as well as the B vitamins. Join The Fast 800 email community for science-based healthy living news, recipes and exclusive community offers delivered straight to your inbox. Power porridge Save for later Page saved! The new 800kcals 5:2 diet sounds less onerous and I can fast on fewer calories occasionally, when I feel like it…. The Dukan Diet is a rule-heavy plan that goes in stages, including a phase of eating a lot of protein. A BSD-appropriate serving of oatmeal would be something along the lines of 20 grams which is a tiny portion. Your donation can change lives. The book indicates that they are OK, but to see if they are right for you, it would be best to check your blood sugar readings two hours after eating porridge. By all means get creative with your porridge toppings, but remember that adding excessively sugary toppings will stack up – so you may want to keep the lashings of honey or sprinklings of chocolate chips for special occasions. More accumaled wisdom that is based on nothing? When I was doing BSD800 I occasionally would have a bowl of porridge (unsweetened) when the inevitable plateaux kicked in. Divide the porridge between 2 bowls, and top with the berries and toasted seeds. They spike my blood sugar, as I found out when I started comprehensive testing (against the nurses advice) so gave them up for the time being. We simply have to keep our eyes open and our Serves. And the cite the Medeterranian Diet as #2…but like it “beacause it is high in fruit” They have been brainwashed by the fruit industry. This can easily fit into a balanced diet as a satisfying breakfast. See below copied and pasted from news release. There was a study quoted on here a while ago (can’t remember by whom) that people can do up to 50% more exercise when on holiday than when at home, but don’t realise it. Are you continuing on Fast 800? Serve with milk, if desired. I think we need to work out what works for each individual but Michael’s guidelines are really helpful. Want to know how much exercise you're getting or check on your vitals at home? LiJuSt, I think Jumbo oats are less processed. When you’re looking at the food labels, try to choose oats which are simply oats – with nothing else added. Advice for people with diabetes and their families.

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