We can create an original paper just for you! And your firm has to follow the Importance of Operations Management in the manufacturing and production processes to beat and capture all of the above. The stores are designed in most cases to have some goods and products stored and hence by maximising this usage the warehouse expenses come down and the company will be profitable. When operating on a global scale it is important for the company to come up with solutions to most of the daily challenges if not determining the process to carry out will eventually lead to wastage of resources and wastage of time and may delay the operations process. If the wastage can be avoided, you will take necessary measures through research and studies. This example has been uploaded by a student. The IKEA sells a lot of furniture within the Europe and hence there will be a need to make sure that specialised machineries are designed and used to produce this furniture and at the same time the care must be taken to make sure that the wastages are reduced and the efficiency is increased at all times, by doing so it will lead to low unit costs. It … Exact number/size of products is produced as requested via a proper operations management. The first unit in a typical firm that checks durability and reliability in a product is the operations management. Either way, you are saving on the wastages and saving on the unnecessary expenditure that can be optimally utilized for your firm. However, you will find that the…, With the advent of social media and the ability of every smartphone owner to become a content producer,…, If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that we can never be too prepared for…, The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind that has seen workers and students all over the…, Now, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that your 2020 hasn’t exactly gone…, Although many of us are affected by the global economic impact of COVID-19, it’s important to remind ourselves…, Customer Centric Management Strategy Principles and Practices. So time management is very important at all times (Sower et al., 2007). [...]. Well, the operations manager will ensure that the correct budget is allocated, the right people are on the job, and to make sure that everyone involved is aware of the roles they play. So the operations managers faces the challenges of maintaining the time, managing process of acquiring raw materials, managing process of quality control, inventory management, outbound logistics etc. An effective operations management plan also means a business could be ahead of its competition. Barry Stevenson strongly feels that there is definitely room for expansion. Operations management is important in a business organization because it helps effectively manage, control and supervise goods, services and people. The biggest of the entire supplier for the IKEA is China (Johansson, & Thelander, 2009). And that is only possible with the thorough levels of operations management. In this case the preference indicates that the company is ready to accept any loses and does not worry that much about efficiency rather it looks at how the customers’ needs are met. Operations management is considered one of the most significant elements in any kind of business especially if the business is associated with Production and Manufacturing. And if it cannot be avoided owing to certain reasons, you will find out the ways to recycle the wastage and use it for the benefit of your firm. These areas include capacity planning, supply chain management, and inventory amongst many. Product/service quality. With OM, people achieve more and productivity is increased. Having … Take an oil and gas company for example, product has been discharged by ship to the reservoirs in order to be made available for a large amount of customers. As a result, most of the Japanese businesses have managed to focus on their other departments like finance and marketing because operational management helps the organization to make the production or manufacturing department effective and efficient. Overall, the operations manager ensures that employees know the roles within a company. Motorola Operations Management Project Report. It also gives real experience of business handling and notes the trends in the industry. Firstly, what is Operations Management (OM)? But you can one from professional essay writers. If the organisation is a service provider, the customer is the lifeblood. The objectives are customer service and resource utilisation. Yet another benefit after realizing the Importance of Operations Management is that you are well versed with the latest technological advancements. Top Inventory Management Tools and Techniques. This makes sure that all the stakeholders are happy and look forward to be associated with the company at all times (Armistead & Machin, 2007). It will help the organization to keep the equipment and good condition, which includes computers, hardware and other related equipment, which are important for the operations of the organization. First, the operations manager has to make sure that the processes and the operations that he is taking care of is performed to a commendable levels and secondly at the end of these processes and activities, it should create a path for the following processes and activities. This is a very important process and hence the marketing team plays a vital role in understanding what customers’ want and how to fulfil it. For Ikea to be successful it must make sure that it employs proper operations strategies at all stages of the operations process and that is the only way that the company can add value and make the business profitable. Designate a process champion: The manager is the best person because he has the knowledge about all the process and will be capable of handling those processes effectively. The operational management policies when made then they should be considered very much keenly, they must be followed regularly among the organization employees, and all the essential departments related top them. 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However, Galloway (1993) argues that “the operations management is all about effective and efficient management of any operation irrespective of whether a physical good is involved or not”. So all the processes are being taken care of by the operations managers and hence it is evident that all operations managers manage processes. Operations management helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization from raw material to product. Our writers will create an original "Importance of Operations Management" essay for you. Some organizations would see this as part of the general communications process which facilitates understanding and allows issues to be raised and answered from any part of the organization.

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