Do some physical activity such as his favorite sport, watching concert of motorcycle ride. ", "You are the one I turn into when I'm lost. Instead, make your boyfriend feel happy by showing that you understand him, caring for him, and appreciating him for who he is. Just a real and powerful man could bear with as much as you do!!

I miss it so. Speaking of “Shake it Off ,” I have come to find that even though I can’t stand the video, Taylor Swift’s latest single DOES make me feel better when I hear it on the radio. Even if you can’t think of a solution, just be a good listener and let him pour his heart out. could allow him to tell you what support should look like for him. 5. Cheer him up with good news - This tip surely works sometimes, but only when you have actual good news. Make sure you support your loved ones.

So cuddle him. Use an “I” statement - that focuses on your own emotions - instead, such as “I am worried that you may be depressed because you haven't been sleeping at all. It could be something fun and silly or something they always wanted, but getting a gift when they are sad works wonders at making them feel better once more! Ask him what else you can do - He may not say directly but there is always something that your boyfriend is expecting you to do if he is sharing his problem with you. You can send romantic and missing messages to him.

The worst thing for a sad person to feel is as though they are being ignored. ", "It's just another storm before the rainbow. “When do I get to see you again. ", "It's sad that I can't understand you as good as you are to me.

Avoid these things to say to your boyfriend when he's depressed: Whenever he's sad and depressed it is best to prove that you really love him.
Play his favourite music, pull down the windows and make him feel ALIVE!

And since you are his partner, it’s your responsibility to take care of him. Despite knowing what’s right and what must be done, sometimes we need a little push from someone we trust to help us see the bigger picture in life.

It helped me to distance myself from the situation I feel I am in, and, "Very insightful information on vital and contemporary topics. As your boyfriend works on his depression, encourage him to seek professional help.

", "All my friends are jealous because I have you.

You might feel the need to interrupt, but try not to.

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In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work with a Leo Man? :)", encouraged me to rediscover said closeness and trust we shared before.

If what they are going through is really hard then there might simply be no words to comfort them.

Why not have some good, old fashioned fun with a sleepover?

So, agree to his perspectives and give him the comfort that he is looking for. Read along and remember these next time your partner is in need of some serious cheering up. Well done, and thanks for sharing. 32. When you feel sad and low, your friends are the best way to shake it off. Going on an evening out helps distract them from whatever is troubling them and really get their mind off things. Tasha Rube is a Licensed Social Worker based in Kansas City, Kansas. Tell him that you will love you either in sickness and health.

So, get his favourite dish ready and see him feel better instantly.

Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine Over Text Playfully.

Trust me! Men might not say it but even they need someone to caress them when they are sad and vulnerable.

In some cases, you might be accused of ulterior motives, or he might start distrusting you. He can’t help it. I am sorry that you have to go through this, but I will do whatever I can to help you.”. Thank you for sharing that with me.

You continue to be the person they turn to for honest advice time and time again!

Cheering Him Up Through Text. We’ve got everything covered in our ‘How To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend’ guide. And make sure someone stays with him at all times. Possible activities that may help him to manage stress include. 26.

Don’t forget to hold his hands and show some PDA to make him smile. A surprise visit will work - Doesn’t matter if he is away or at work, you can surely spare time and visit him to make his mood better.

", both of us, and a lot for him.

", "To me, you're important.

Be patient.

Don't take it personally. I know now how to talk to my man and how to help him too. 16. Subtly find out what their favorites are and send them a bunch.

Here are some of the excellent message to make him smile and make your boyfriend’s day over text when he is sad. Have a look to know what to do when your boyfriend is sad! 17. Waiting to meet you again.”, 15#. Your boyfriend will have to overcome depression in his own time. ", statements rather than "you". Seeing you gloomy makes me sad. Give him some space, if necessary - Talk to him ask him about the problem, but if you think and if he says that he needs some time alone, then give him space.

Just like the Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better that you often do, your boyfriend needs the same thing.

Maybe something seriously awful has happened to him?

38. 24. Even if he wants to deal with his stuff in his own ways or is unable to think of a solution for a problem, you can still follow some amazing ways to cheer up your boyfriend, make him feel loved, appreciated and most importantly, understood. ", "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It is not your responsibility to manage his reaction to a break-up. So, if there’s something special that you are planning or something amazing has happened, then cheer him up with one such good news. Walking somewhere beautiful instantly lifts their spirits. I've been there too.

Make sure you don’t interrupt them until they are done. If you aren’t sure what to do to help them, these 22 thoughtful ways for how to make someone feel better shows how much you care. #2 Buy them a gift.

Thank you! Remember, you won’t be of any help to him, if you are neglecting yourself. This article has been viewed 474,540 times. Guys always like sporty and adventurous stuff. To make sure to make him feel positive which will help him to take the right decision for anything that is disturbing him.


Have a conversation and ask him what’s wrong - The best option to make your boyfriend feel better over text is to actually ask him about the problem. Support wikiHow by This will change his mood and divert his thoughts. #11 Have a sleepover.


These are the romantic messages that you can send to your loved one. If someone you care about is feeling depressed or sad, it is a helpless feeling. This might even put him in a pre-slumber mood and calm his nerves. He will likely love you even more for standing by him.

Moreover, they don’t get emotional easily, especially when they look at their phones.

Send him an adorable video message - Compliment him. To learn how to not take your boyfriend’s depression personally, keep reading!

", reading this really helped me think of things. When your partner is sad, you're sad. 15. #22 Be truthful. But you cannot control his actions. Moreover, it is important to know what makes your partner smile wholeheartedly. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 474,540 times. 28. 17. References. Why not try taking up a hobby together and see if this can get their mind off their problems?

He is smiling to read the messages that you have sent. I want him to be happy so badly.

Get your duvets in the living room, order some pizza, have popcorn at the ready and just watch movies, chat, and relax! But doing so helps them get over their troubles much more quickly. While you might not agree with everything they say, sometimes people just need someone to agree with them.

If someone you care about is feeling depressed or sad, it is a helpless feeling. ", "I know how you feel. So beautiful and impressive.”, 10#. This would be the most romantic way you can do. © 2020 Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About Us | Write for Us | Contact Us. 1.

Here are the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special Over Text: Nobody want to feel depressed.

If the reason they are sad is because someone hurt or upset them—a colleague, a friend, a partner—then why not sit with them and plot your revenge?

You can send the best romantic messages to your boyfriend to make him smile. Arrange a boys night out for him and his best friends - Get his friends to take him out. “When you get back home, you would better be ready for your girly.”, 6#.

Okay, this might be an adults-only one. Lauren Urban, LCSW.

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#14 Look them in the eye.

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