Because of this sacrifice, instead of Liam going to a worse place, the abyss opens a path to Mount Olympus. In turn, Emma declares her love for him, and she parts from him after a kiss. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer"), To settle a long-standing grudge, ex-fairy Tinker Bell kidnaps Regina and threatens to poison her with Dreamshade. She apologizes for her behavior last time and asks him to have lunch with her like they used to. Instead, Tinker Bell explodes in anger over how she tried to help Regina in the past by guiding her to true love, which the latter rejected. ("I'll Be Your Mirror"), Hoping to undo an aging spell on one of the nuns, Regina plans to sneak into Zelena's farmhouse to find some magic, but when she gets there, she witnesses the Queen trying to murder Zelena. The crew soon fall under the spell of a mermaid's singing voice as the ship drifts towards some sharp rocks. After Hades is dead, Hook's unfinished business is done, with a pathway opening for his ascension to Mount Olympus. Hook witnesses Emma being stabbed by Gideon, who is engulfed by an intense light protruding from Emma's wound. Various Emma affirms she is better as the Dark One, free of her past closed-minded and judgmental personality, and suggests they can be together if he is willing. However, Hook knows Rumplestiltskin must have a weakness, and threatens to "dissect a cricket" if Archie does not talk, which he agrees to do. ‘Hunger Games’ quotes that are more relevant today than ever before, ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4’s best deep-cut cameos, Why ‘Big Brother 20’ is the best season we’ve seen in a VERY long time, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ catchup: 5 major events you might’ve missed since 2005’s KH2, What the solution to the ‘My Immortal’ mystery means for the fanfiction community, Where to donate your books when they start to take over your life, 5 best ‘Daredevil’ comic book recommendations for new fans, What should (and shouldn’t) happen in ‘The Walking Dead’ Rick Grimes movie trilogy, 10 actors you won’t believe have never won an Oscar, 10 recent Oscar winners that won for the wrong performance, 5 movies about math and mathematicians to celebrate Pi Day, Best ‘Captain Marvel’ quotes to awaken your inner Avenger, ‘The Walking Dead’ Carl Grimes quotes: ‘I don’t want us to get weak’, 63 ‘The Good Place’ quotes to soothe your soul here in the Bad Place, Matthew Perry says ‘Friends’ reunion special will begin production in March, ‘Black Lightning”s Painkiller is getting his own spinoff series, The Weeknd to headline 2021 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show, ‘WandaVision’ gets January 2021 premiere date at Disney+, Millie Bobby Brown to star in Netflix fantasy film, ‘Damsel’, ‘Emily in Paris’ gets season 2 order at Netflix, First ‘Inside Pixar’ trailer takes fans behind the scenes at the famed studio, Disney+ debuts stunning first trailer for ‘Black Beauty’ adaptation, 'Chasing Lucky': A little communication goes a long way, Mads Mikkelsen in talks to step in as Grindelwald for ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’. Emma's attempt to counter with magic only angers the monster, who knocks her away and blows everyone off their feet. Zelena, freed of her cuff with Arthur's help, tethers Merlin to Excalibur, allowing Arthur to summon the sorcerer, ordering him disarm the group and then send them away. Below deck, Hook gives Emma a weapon that used to belong to Neal. Hook thanks her, but she reveals it's not a rescue and fires a dart at him into his neck to knock him out as well. Things cool down only when Neal forces him to hand over the box Some time later, Hook is approached by Emma about an alternative to removing David's ties to the island because of the Dreamshade cure. Hook stays behind with Belle, which she balks at, but he intends to make amends after previously trying to kill her twice. Jekyll is too terrified to help them, but before he can make them leave, an orderly named Poole arrives to magically taser the group into unconsciousness. Show Information As they battle, a satchel containing Aurora's heart nearly falls into the portal, but is saved by Hook, who then throws it to Mulan. Recalling that Anna was once branded with a shepherd's crook by Bo Peep, they track down the villainess, steal the item and return to the cave after Hook hears Elsa radio that Emma is freezing to death. At Zelena's farmhouse, Mr. Gold magically constricts Zelena's throat to shut her up when she insults him, but he lets her go after he begins having chest pains. Hook suggests Zelena wield the wand, and while Zelena provides them with information about using something important of Emma's with the wand, Regina refuses to let her sister use magic. The sorcerer and Emma will retrieve the Flame of Prometheus needed for uniting the two weapons, and as for everyone else, they'll get the sword from Arthur. Seeing Emma's hand print and a map circled with a location, he promptly rushes to the destination; a remote manor. At first, Rumplestiltskin asks for Milah, but Killian fibs that she died many years ago. Once Henry's spirit returns to his own body, everyone except Mr. Gold runs off to find the boy. They help Snow White flee from the Queen's knights, but the ring is left behind, which Emma takes and she is imprisoned by the Queen for assisting the bandit. Brennan comforts him, telling him that there is nothing to be scared of, as long as he looks into himself and can decide the kind of man he wants to be someday. Later, Hook and David use the potions to find out Robert's location prior to his death, which August confirms is where he saw Robert with James. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold dons Hook's appearance to mislead Belle into believing the villains want the dagger to control the Dark One and find the Author. Henry regains his lost memories after touching the fairytale storybook, but Zelena interferes by proceeding to choke him and blames Hook for not doing what she asked. To keep Hook from harming anyone else, Emma locks him in the Neal's storage closet while they make plans to sail back to Storybrooke on the Jolly Roger. Regina and Emma stun the monster with their combined powers, but upon closer look, Snow recognizes it's wolf Ruby and reverts her to human form with the cloak. Depuis octobre 2012, il joue le rôle du Capitaine Crochet / Killian Jones (Captain Hook en V.O. ("Second Star to the Right"), Hook learns the boy's name is Baelfire, and thus, this makes him Rumplestiltskin's son. To get the pages to Emma and help her defeat Hades, they track down Cruella, who tells them she placed the book in the River of Souls. Toute information controversée sans source ou d'une source de mauvaise qualité à propos d'une personne vivante doit être supprimée immédiatement, en particulier si celle-ci est potentiellement diffamatoire. I’ll be going back home to Ireland and I can’t wait to spend time with the family. She exemplifies how dark her own heart physically looks is a direct result of her choice in picking darkness over light, and pleads for Tinker Bell not to make the same mistake. David discovers a holly berry in the room and pinpoints the plant's location in the northwestern region past the Toll Bridge. Henry learns Hook taught his father how to sail when Neal, as a boy, had just lost his own father. Following the restoration of Agrabah, Hook borrows a conch shell from Ariel to tell Emma about Gideon forcing him out of town, despite not knowing if Emma is listening on her end. Hook, Emma and Neal They all agree to meet back at Tinker Bell's tree house once the Shadow is nabbed. As Emma prepares to phone the mayor, she plays a voice message from David, who believes he has cornered the Wicked Witch. He then takes her out of the tunnel to Regina. The trio continue the search altogether and find Ashley at the harbor. The mustache and the long hair can be seen on a piece of concept art by costume designer Eduardo Castro. Even in his wrecked physical state, he is pleased to have damaged Mr. Gold by harming Belle and finds it well worth it since his nemesis started everything by killing Milah. David, returning from gathering vines, insists Hook come with him to get more. Regina attempts a heart split between Emma and Hook, but a barrier prevents her from taking out Emma's heart. While following it, Elsa advises Hook on Emma's nature; as she and the blonde both know what it's like to have the weight of the world upon them and be distrustful even when other people mean well. Archie pleads ignorance on the topic, and Hook sees he is telling the truth. Later, Emma shows up to confront him about the camera strap she found at the written address—Neal's apartment—which has Henry's name on it. Hook uses it to peer down onto the ground level of the town, and becomes enraged seeing Mr. Gold alive and well walking beside Belle. That night, Hook fulfills the darkness' plan to open a portal to the underworld. To complicate things further, Marian is also Robin Hood's wife. Later, the couple go back to the pawnshop, which has since been trashed by Mr. Gold, and they find the sword from Emma's vision. Emma gains insight on Pan's real reason for needing Henry's heart, which is to save himself from dying and then become immortal. souhaitée]. The ultimate goal out of all this is for Regina to have Henry to herself. In spite of her regrets, Milah claims she never loved him, to which the Dark One tries grabbing the bean, but she tosses it to Killian. When she asks about Cora's "things" on his ship, namely the giant that was hidden on it, Hook reveals that the giant has already on the loose somewhere in Storybrooke.

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