The total volume of crabs caught in the lake is estimated to reach 2,200 tonnes in 2018.

The maître d’ beamed at us with pride when she had completed her task.

Shop monogrammable leather goods from Senreve, Christmas hampers from Mandarin Oriental, cookie-making kits from Cookie Dept, and sweet treats from new-to-Hong-Kong British chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker and Ralph’s Coffee. The Braised Tofu with Scallops and Hairy Crab Cream from The Legacy House is a silky, creamy delight which allows the unique flavour and texture of the crab to shine through. When: November 27-30 They offer Rich Dad monstrous looks; he doesn’t notice.

The Chinese mitten crabs of Junshan Lake are a geographical indication (GI) product of China, and are sold to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other international markets.

What happens when creative minds and decades of culinary experience come together?

Every year, a large number of the crabs are sold to cities across China like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When: From November 2 – December 31 No squandered energy. Lovely gestures — unexpectedly romantic — aside, we mustn’t forget it's never just an A/B situation. It is only in season and available to eat for two months of the year. Waving shining jewels and trinkets in the air, all the better to animate their stories. Due to good water quality of the Yangcheng Lake, hairy crabs here possess good taste and high nutrition. Mixing traditional recipes with modern flair. Savour this delicacy in the traditional steamed style that brings out the natural flavour Old Hong Kong Legend 40% Off Hairy Crab @ Raffles City 12 Oct 2012 UPDATED 20 Oct 2012 Yet I can’t deny I appreciate the joy this seasonal seafood brings to those I love and care for. The earthy aromatic scent of white truffles is potent come autumn and winter, as foodies go crazy for the fragrant fungus. Due to good water quality of the Yangcheng Lake, hairy crabs here possess good taste and high nutrition. Perhaps enjoying life is about fully experiencing what is before us, truly seeing it. Synched with the lunar calendar, the hairy crab comes to maturity around October and November, a time at which many clamour after the coveted crustacean for its sweet, tender flesh and flavourful, creamy roe. What a blessing to be with friends who understand you, who take you for exactly who you are. Ji Jiang, born in 1966, is a Yangcheng Lake hairy crab cultivator at Bacheng Town of Jiangsu. Don’t miss out! We have blanched spinach with an unctuous sauce of hairy crabmeat and egg white.

I’ll do it for you lah. So it is a special seasonal delicacy for Mid-Autumn Festival, a highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinner.

Helmed by expert Chinese chef Wong Hon-keung and with the help of Grassroots Initiative’s Peggy Chan, the pop-up will offer a curated selection of traditional Chinese dishes for carnivores and vegans alike. Restaurants always find new ways to offload their products; they call this “culinary creativity”, I believe.

We are swiftly seated, with courteous efficiency. We aren’t wealthy folk, not if judged by financial means. No.
Cookies help us in providing our services. The Grounds will adhere to stringent health and safety protocols, including contactless ordering, pre-registration and health screenings, and extensive cleaning of pods between each session. Where: SEVVA, 25/F, Landmark Prince’s, 10 Chater Road, Central, The Best Restaurants in Hong Kong Right Now. YOU: It’s okay if you find it mafan (troublesome) to peel the crabs. There is a craft to breaking down one so as not to waste any edible parts.

The Hula houses a curation of archive pieces from more than 1200 brands including Chanel, Celine, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant, all vetted for authenticity and quality. Whole hairy crabs to carefully laid out claws and legs. From start to finish, it was a performance but also a thing of beauty. Don’t miss a performance by multi-Grammy-award-winning Robert Glasper Trio, a screening of the award-winning music feature documentary 20 Feet from Stardom, and the Hong Kong Ballet’s jazz-infused performance of The Great Gatsby.

The Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis; simplified Chinese: 大闸蟹; traditional Chinese: 大閘蟹; pinyin: dàzháxiè, lit. Port Wines in Hairy Crab Season – 29 Sep (Tue) 7:00pm (UTC+8) ... Offers only valid at until 28/09/2020, while stocks last.

YOU: What?

The brands involved will include Baea, a contemporary and sustainable home goods line, Bodha, a therapeutic perfumery for the self and the home, and SoL, a direct-to-consumer loungewear and sleepwear brand that prioritises wellness and sustainability. When: Until December Yet it’s the source of high pleasure for others. I don’t see it as sloth but being selective with what I ought to apply my energies to. Later, another small party is seated: a well-heeled couple and their adult son. However busy we are, we know we will make time for it and for each other. By using the offer, you agree that we set cookies.

We observe a table of tai-tais already done with their meal when we arrive.

Ji Jiang, born in 1966, is a Yangcheng Lake hairy crab cultivator at Bacheng Town of Jiangsu.

Hairy crab – also known as the Chinese mitten crab – is one of the most prized delicacies in eastern Chinese cuisine, most notably in Shanghai and Jiangsu province.

Feast at home this Thanksgiving with an extensive platter of holiday fare from Black Sheep Restaurants, featuring roast turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts, and mac and cheese alongside pumpkin or banana cream pie. Hairy crab season has returned in full glory, with restaurants gearing up in support of the “King of Crab” and all of its devoted followers. For less industrious diners, there is of course fried rice topped with hairy crab roe and crabmeat. 888FatFatFat is the much-hyped pop-up Chinese restaurant in Exchange square, where regional Chinese cuisine is served with contemporary, plant-based twists. Their food lies untouched, cold grease congealing. For more slice-of-life stories, visit Luxurious hairy crab roe is precious manna; we only get to indulge in it once a year.

The menu will be paired with mixologist Dr. Nic’s equally creative cocktails, including a lemon tea inspired drink called the Honkie Sour, comprising bourbon, VLT syrup and lemon, the Numb Chuck, made up of XO tequila, carrot, Sichuan Peppercorn and citrus and the 2 Bean Martini, with tonka bean vodka, coffee liquor, Amaretto and espresso.

Luxurious hairy crab roe is precious manna; we only get to indulge in it once a year. I am having a scrumptious meal with someone who’s enjoying every snap, crackle and slurp of these incredibly inconvenient crustaceans.

We recall being served hairy crabs in Bangkok last year by an elegant maître d’ who was a vision of focus and flow. It’s time for hairy crabs! 100 private picket-fenced “pods,” seating either two or four people, are spread throughout the al-fresco harbourfront venue, in which guests can enjoy the entertainment with food delivered directly from the restaurants at Basehall.

(Xinhua/Li Xiang), Photo taken on Sept. 29, 2018 shows the hairy crabs caught from Yangcheng Lake at Bacheng Township, Kunshan City, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Nothing is tedious; let’s not forget people watching is part of the experience. ‘Tis the season for hairy crabs.

(return-on-investment): so much work for so little meat. Ease your way back into socialising at The Grounds, where weekly film screenings and wellness classes, amongst other events, have been adapted to a COVID-19 world. Where: 33 Man Kwong Street, Central;

It is only in season and available to eat for two months of the year. For those looking to have their cake and eat it too, Aria combines hairy crab and white truffle in their risotto, which sees risotto carnaroli cooked with artichokes and hairy crab, seasoned with aged xeres vinegar and topped with white truffle. Classic flavours and traditional techniques have been cleverly adapted to suit the Hong Kong palate. Perhaps the hairy crabs can wait another year.

When: From November 5-7 Hong Kong customs has confiscated nearly 8,000 hairy crabs and arrested one person on suspicion of smuggling at a border checkpoint in a record seizure of …

Having been in the trade for 15 years, he has accumulated experience in the cultivation of hairy crabs and became famous in Bacheng. This autumnal delicacy is a symbol of how the seasons repeat, how the years pass and we still here. Rich Dad grunts again, his snout bristling, then launches into another tremendous tirade.

#888hk photography: @alexmaeland @adamstudios_ production: @collectionofindividuals @888fatfatfat outfit by: @shanghaitang, A post shared by FATFATFAT (@888fatfatfat) on Oct 13, 2020 at 8:12pm PDT. When: November 6-8 Perhaps this year we should take a break from this ritual. Where: 49 Hollywood Road, Central. The robust growth is a result of cooperation between the county government and JD to make use of e-commerce solutions to drive sales, including livestreaming and online marketing. (Xinhua/Zhu Weixi).

Literally. When: November 12 – 22

Hairy crabs are rich in protein and amino acids. Rich Dad is apparently displeased with the naïveté displayed by Rich Son. Where: 49 Hollywood Road, Central.

So we have chawan mushi infused with hairy crab roe.

For the perfect excuse to sample the best of the dishes, opt for the 888 Experience, a tasting menu priced at a fitting HK$888 that also includes a baijiu tasting set or two cocktails of your choice. Every motion was smooth and rehearsed.

Jackfruit substitutes the typical roasted duck in Peking ‘duck’ wraps, for a texture so tender and meaty it could convert even the most veggie averse.

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