The latest Total War is a lush representation of Chinese history, and blurs the line between traditional total War and the fantasy Warhammer games by letting you play a mode focusing on the larger-than-life heroes of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This can lead to some great moments as you and your two friends figure out how to progress. Bath Ghosts will mess with you by turning off lights, locking doors, and popping up to give you a fright or outright murder you. Proximity voice chat paired with walkie-talkies for distance makes exploring each dark locale a tense adventure for friends who are willing to put their communication to the test. All Rights Reserved. Crowding the luscious animations with another body and even more bullets complicates this side-scrolling arcade shooter, you see, making the two-player option a challenge for only the absolute ironclad best of friends. Instead of being together, the game makes a point of separating you, placing you both in different parts of the map. Hop into a random server and suddenly you’re inside a technicolor playground populated by Teletubbies. GTA Online has a whole of stuff going on, but the heists bring out the best in Rockstar’s open-world playground. Every concept is familiar on its own, but twisted just slightly. When the steam engine runs out of coal, the ship's cat shreds the navigation chart, and the tea gets cold, it becomes clear that interstellar transportation isn't a walk in the park. Kick, jump, fart, scare, bite... your way through mischievously designed levels! You'll collect dozens of items through a run, things that make you move faster or heal when you get kills or shoot electricity out of your body or hit enemies with a flame tornado or jump so high you're airborne for 10 seconds... and they all stack like crazy, making you absurdly powerful in ways you can't quite predict at the start of each game. This adventure game blends a distinctively retro art style with modern gameplay mechanics to deliver nostalgic fun with a fresh new twist. Release date: 2017 | Players: 1-4 | Link: Steam. Join another, and you’re in a Mega Man homage, a secret military base, or Egyptian pyramids where you throw grenades at Anubis himself. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Zen 3 is sold out everywhere but AMD’s Frank Azor says it was not a paper launch. These physics are the foundation of Human: Fall Flat, and every stage in the game has a series of puzzles and platforming challenges that put your skills to the test. Now that it's also free-to-play, it's even easier to tempt your friends into playing with you. It's not aiming to be a perfect simulation, but the weight, speed and torque of each vehicle give it a personality beyond class and category." The Xbox One also has backward compatibility with the 360 version of Portal 2. Release Date: 2013 | Players: 1-4 | Link: Steam. But in the same way your brain and hands meld into a higher power after enough failure, and gradual pattern recognition hardens into pure instinct, bridging that rapt attention between two brains is a mild telepathy. It’s as simple as setting up a free account for the site and then clicking on “Partner Mode” on the top of the window. Receive news and offers from our other brands? … Expand Killing Floor 2 is the shooter you play when you just want to shoot the baddies, lots of baddies, and you want it to look and feel absolutely sick. You can all play at your own pace, and then cross paths in a Grineer spaceship from time to time. Outward is harsh and occasionally frustrating, but it does what so few games do. It's a pleasant place to spend time together, dividing up the endless farm chores and watching your overgrown homestead slowly morph into a thriving veggie plantation. A fanatically balanced, cleverly written shooter, Left 4 Dead 2 is built on the strength of four survivors working as a team. There are no map waypoints to guide you where to go, and no level-ups to raise your stats and make you stronger. Download an assortment of weird maps, hop in Discord with five or six of your buddies, and lose yourself in hours of retro-weirdness, laughter, and awkward platforming. All the games in the Master Chief Collection are being released one-by-one throughout 2020. The release of the second room is already scheduled for June. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Destiny 2 has dozens of hours of co-op shooting within, from brainless fun to challenging endgame encounters. It's a good time to go hunting! -AlphaBetaGamer Portal 2's co-op is strongest when neither of you know the answer: if your partner waits patiently for you, you feel like a moron; if they don't, they'll be rushing you through all the discovery that makes the game great. While there might not be much more to say about the gameplay besides that, that doesn’t stop Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes from being one of the most satisfying (and stressful) cooperative experiences you’ll have in a video game.

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