Dormammu would win based off implied power. Hela puts a sword through her own brain to escape the beatdown. Dormammu was just that god-like entity who might have defeated Thanos easily. Only Thanos with stones and Dormammu have a chance of winning or forcing a stalemate. I'd say Dormammu solos until more info is given about his actual limits. Dorm should win based off hyperbole. Superman can also avoid all of his attacks.

Surtur and Hela are fodder. Created by mhenry01. Hela and surtur are fodder. Power. Wiki Points. Smallville clark is planetary and has tossed someone across 28 galaxies.

Dormammu would rip clark to pieces and its not funny, if he leaves the dark dimension clark has no answer to his magic, so he still gets fodderized, jesus some people. Superman stomps the rest. You only really need one. But, if he is hit by magic it is going to hurt. Tough call.

Saitama is far faster than anything Thanos can perceive(jumped from earth to moon in anywhere from 1-4 seconds, creating a large crater in the process.). Hela (MCU) & Thanos (MCU) vs Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet Witch (MCU) # Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet … Strength. Dormammu would win based off implied power. I don't know why, but this is really funny to me. I am only up to issue 41 so far. to something capable of changing your reality (the Blue Bleed reboots your reality, the red erases it. Durability. 0. It also doesn't hurt that he's survived an interdimensional energy that can destroy anything in the universe (even the universe itself) and also resisted/repelled stuff far worse than what's any of the opponents can muster--and that's existence erasing.

Dormmy would be the only contender, however he's fought reality warpers before and Dormmy has no notable on screen feats as far as I remember. Jongensoden 1 y 5 mo 27 d . @rr79: How will they hit him.

0. Please only talk about the characters in the movies, I haven't read a … @nashiruu: @juicers: Lmao OMP fanboy wanked saitama can't see thanos and he become a bricks. Best Supes can hope for is a stalemate. Speed . "He's survived an interdimensional energy that can destroy anything in the universe (even the universe itself) and also resisted/repelled stuff far worse than what's any of the opponents can muster--and that's existence erasing". Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. @rbt: thoughts? MCU Dormammu >>> DCEU superman if saitaman can't solo justice league he can't hurt dormammu. Hela vs Dormammu.

He broke the planet down and absorbed its matter into the Dark Dimension and the entire plot revolved around stopping him from doing the same to earth. r/marvelstudios: A subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

No he isn't very susceptible to magic. Dormammu was just that god-like entity who might have defeated Thanos easily.

Saitama or stalemate depending if his punches can stagger dorammu in his own realm. 0. Who will win in a fight between Hela and Dormammu? It should be noted that Clark surviving the Bleed doesn't make him anywhere near universal. Even if that means Dormammu couldn't hurt Superman, Superman still can't hurt Dormammu. I'd have to say Dormammu. Clark 47% . The other two are fodder. Impossible to determine for sure with the feats Saitama has. Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe!” They might have believed it but had clearly never heard of the above 4. Dormmamu doesn’t really have any durability feats, and he shown nothing to say that he can survive Clark’s heat vision. He has better reaction feats and combat speed than fox quicksilver. Superman wins via total fricken awesome plot armor. @frankthetank40: From what we have seen of them if he is using his speed they shouldn't be able to. He quickly learns that the enclave is at the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying reality. How is he getting blitzed lol.

Dormammu doesn't have feats to even scratch Smallville Clark. Forum Posts . Just loaded the page and it reminds me of kissanime/kisscartoon. first glance I say Clark wins due to FTL speeds and planet(size of saturn) pushing strength. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1, Korath the Pursuer clearly says, “Master, you cannot. Smallville Superman tells Dormammu that he is Clark Kent. Win awesome prizes!

Superhero battle match: Hela versus Dormammu. Superhero battle match: Hela versus Dormammu. You seem to know a good amount about smallville supes. Saitama destroy the entire MCU in one punch, Saitama is literally unbeatable and always win in one punch he's a gag character.

DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Clip - Dormammu, I've Come To Bargain Scene |4K ULTRA HD| 2016SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Clips HERE: Surtur country busts and gets one shot while Clark laughs. Smallville clark is planetary and has tossed someone across 28 galaxies. Hela and surtur are fodder. Forum Posts. I'll go with team. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. No way of knowing if he could harm Dormammu. Thanos or Dorms could solo, Thanos and Hela dies from a finger flick of his pinkie, Surtur gets one shotted by a normal punch, no knowledge, no problem: Ego's lil' planet gets destroyed by a serious punch, Saitama stomps everyone 'cept dormammu, who can't put him down, so stalemate. Team because of Dormammu. Saitama (OPM) vs. Dormammu, Surtur, Ego, Thanos, and Hela (MCU) deactivated-5eb1a74ef003d. @frankthetank40: Actually he did not throw someone across 28 galaxies, he threatened to do so. Then in Smallville fashion, Dormammu bumps his head and gets amnesia. The thing is that Dormammu really lacks feats, but if we go by implied power and the fact the he is not supposed to be a material being... Dormammu should win. I swear Dormammu wasn't here before. However there were times when he got cocky and decided to try and tank an attack rather than dodging it.

If what @projetwopntoh is saying about surviving "interdimensional energy that can destroy anything in the universe" is true(and I have no reason to believe it isn't) then that really shouldn't harm him.

It's just magic is the most consistent attack that works against him. Hela (MCU) & Thanos (MCU) vs Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet Witch (MCU) # Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet Witch (MCU) Agreed.

If he did that theu could hit him. Dormmamu is the only threat. This thread amuses me. It's a huge step up in writing/storytelling from the show. Could be a stalemate. DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Clip - Dormammu, I've Come To Bargain Scene |4K ULTRA HD| 2016SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Clips HERE: LordTracer 1 y 5 mo 28 d . 0. Then I remember this Clark was very succeptible to magic.

If it can destroy anything in the universe, but not Clark, that means he has serious endurance. Poll MCU Hela, Surtur and Dormammu vs Smallville Clark Kent (49 votes) Team 53% . © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @ultimatebanana: the team dies before someone could twitch a muscle. It does seem to be the case. We also don't know what it takes to put down Flamehead, although I'm guessing Clark can at least harm him. VS • 2 years ago. I really need to find a way to read the season 11 comics. The top 5 most powerful villains in the MCU in the last 11 years vs. the one-punch man himself. We'll never know, because of the deal he struck with Doctor Strange, who used the Eye of Agamotto (which was really the Time Stone) to trap him in a time loop. Sign Up Login-= VOTERY STARTED =- Celebrate 15 years of SHDb. It just to show the potency of the Bleed. This is why the arc is called Continuity. Thanks, I will see if I can find it there. I know he was very susceptible to magic throughout the 10 seasons of the show. 0. Dormammu should win. Pretty blatant. Please only talk about the characters in the movies, I haven't read a single comic book (pls don't kill me). Going by just the show(haven't read the season 11 comics other than a few pages) I'm not positive how that would affect Clark. Clark can't hurt Dormammu and Dormammu is a casual planet buster.

Surface area means that he suffered a fraction of that. This comes down to how strong Dormy's magic is against Clark. @juicers: He can kill DCEU superman or no ? Readcomiconline can be your first check. Follow 714. When traditional medicine fails him, he looks for healing, and hope, in a mysterious enclave. Without the time stone, Dormammu would undoubtedly have been able to take on Thanos, even with all the other Infinity Stones. He was known to blitz his opponents more so than any other live action Superman. I recommend you do. Hela is incredibly powerful, but her source of power Asgard, can be consumed by Dormammu's Dark Dimension like that. spoiler.

He's not nearly as susceptible as he was in the past. Only one I am unsure about is Dormammu because we didn't see much but what we did seen was reality warping. Dormammu should win, but the others are no match to Clark. @projetwopntoh: If that changed in the season 11 comic then yeah they should not be able to beat him. MarvelandDCfan24. 15 MCU: DORMAMMU If you're looking to defeat someone capable of destroying half the universe, you'd probably want to turn to someone whose very existence revolves around consuming entire worlds. Who will win in a fight between Hela and Dormammu? That became something not true after his fight with Hades. Clark resisted both). He's almost similar to Smallville Wonder Woman in that right; he isn't ohko by magic. Surtur has just been reborn by the Eternal Flame. The best I have found was a few pages. Surtur's biggest attack wouldn't kill him. @projetwopntoh: He actially is hurt by magic multiple times in the show and even in season 11.

This scan is when they finally ended the threat and was going to sentence the Monitors. Still. He pastes everyone else.

Follow 8840. Stephen Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) life changes after a car accident robs him of the use of his hands. 1 wins (9.1%) Hela: power stats. Thanos has four infinity stones - power, space, reality and soul. Who would win; Thanos, Ego, Hela or Dormammu? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Dormammu should be on another level, even if he lacks feats. But you're still gonna have to go past his insanely high endurance when you actually do. Hades, someone who's superior to Faust (who showed magic greater than anything in Smallville), had his magic plowed through by Superman when he got serious. Surtur's biggest attack wouldn't kill him. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Dormammu isn't even a physical being. But based on implied power he could win or this could be a stalemate cuz If throwing stuff and energy blasts is what Dormammu can do then he's not tagging Clark in a million years. 0. Yep yep. Not sure if Saitama can defeat Dormammu. There it notes their action, More evidence that they were using the Bleed to destroy universes. This caused the entropy wave that was wiping all points of the multiverse from the source wall to the point that exist now (Clark's timeline). Pretty much said "Get that crap off of me!" Before long, Strange is forced to choose between his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence.Check out our most popular CLIPS PLAYLISTS:LATEST MOVIE CLIPS: FILM TRAILERS: MOVIE TRAILERS: Movie Clips covers all the latest movie clips.Check out our other channels:MOVIE TRAILERS: TRAILERS: HOTTIES: TRAILERS: VIDEOS: #Marvel

Hela (MCU) & Thanos (MCU) vs Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet Witch (MCU) # Dormammu (MCU) & Scarlet Witch (MCU) Yep. I probably shouldn't have opened the spoilers lol. When did Dromammu casually bust any planets? The Monitors used the Bleed to end numerous universes across the multiverse, which due to this action, cause the multiverse to literally attack itself. Just to mention though, it looks like a pretty small planet as Strange is flying closer to it. Before in the show Clark literally was keeling over by just the presence of magic.

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