They promote muscle and bone growth, and reduce recovery time. A unit which measures heat or energy production in the body, normally expressed as Kcal. This helps all athletes to move smoothly and quickly especially when also having to control a ball. The drive to perform well or to win in order to gain external rewards (eg prizes, money, praise). The ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time. Developing cognitive positive thoughts about your own performance. Response time = reaction time + movement time. It works in conjunction with physical and mental health. It is defined as eating: the right amount (for energy expended), the right amount of calories, according to how much you exercise, different food types to provide suitable nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Response (or reaction) time, is a persons ability to take in and process information to make a decision and then put this into action. Inherited, stable traits that determine an individual’s potential to learn or acquire a skill. A deliberate intent to harm or injure another person, which can be physical or mental (see direct and indirect aggression). Individuals with wide hips and narrow shoulders. Response time is affected by the following: The time to make a decision increases, with the more choices which are available, as shown in the graph below: Reaction time speeds up as we develop through childhood, into adulthood, to an optimal point where it then deteriorates again.
It works in conjunction with social and mental health. - the ability to use two or more body parts together. They have a calming and relaxing effect. - the ability to use strength at speed. Power = Strength x Speed.  plantar flexion – pointing the toes at the ankle/increasing the ankle angle,  dorsi flexion – toes up at the ankle/decreasing the ankle angle. Response time = Reaction Time (The time between the onset of a stimulus and the initiation of a response. The PRP is the lull in time between finishing processing stimuli 1, before processing and making a decision on stimuli 2. The skill is started when the performer decides to start it. Personal standards to be achieved. An extended, more detailed example of this is shown below. The skill tends to be done the same way each time. Any activity that raises heart rate. This is known as spatial anticipation. Drugs that are used to steady nerves by controlling heart rate. This helps swimmers to make a fast start. The number of times an individual action is performed. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No.

Muscle contraction that results in limb movement:  concentric contraction - shortening of the muscle,  eccentric contraction - lengthening of the muscle. Participating in sport improves the body mentally as well as physically and it can be a great way to make friends. Period of rest/active recovery/light aerobic work after the competition period. For example, a goalkeeper’s reaction to a penalty will be faster than their reaction to an unexpected shot from outside the box. EPOC enables lactic acid to be converted to glucose, carbon dioxide and water (using oxygen).

The time taken to forget about the first stimuli and then process and respond to S2 is the PRP. Aggression which does not involve physical contact. Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going. Acts to produce the opposite action to the agonist. Time required to repair the damage to the body caused by training or competition. The percentage of body weight which is fat and non-fat (muscle and bone). A physical and mental (physiological and psychological) state of alertness/readiness, varying from deep sleep to intense excitement/alertness. Males tend to have a faster response time than females, although this deteriorates more rapidly in old age. A somatotype, characterised by a pear shaped body/fatness.

Reaction time is the time taken to move in response to a stimulus. The individual has friendship and support, some value in society, is socially active and has little stress in social circumstances.

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