GDP Per Capita Ppp in Cuba averaged 14046.47 USD from 1990 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 21016.65 USD in 2015 and a record … Para ver la evolución del PIB per cápita resulta interesante mirar unos años atrás y comparar estos datos con los del año 2008 cuando el PIB per cápita en Cuba era de 3.679 5.411$. World Bank national accounts data, and OECD National Accounts data files. Also Show. El PIB Per cápita de Cuba en 2018 fue de 7.470€8.822$, 91€281$ menor que en 2017, cuando fue de 7.561€8.541$.

GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. Data are in current U.S. dollars. Close. The government of Cuba owns and operates most industries and most of the labor force is employed by the state. Details. Cuba PIB Dernier Précédent Le plus élevé Le Plus Bas Unité; Taux de croissance annuel du PIB 2.20: 1.80: 12.10-14.90 Find Out. Statistical Capacity score (Overall average) Details. Please check your download folder. Online tool for visualization and analysis. GDP per capita in Cuba averaged 4108.54 USD from 1970 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 6816.90 USD in 2018 and a record low of 2249.75 USD in 1970. Current Cuba GDP Per Capita is 7,602.26 USD. Forecast for GBPUSD as of 11.11.2020, List of countries with highest gold reserves, TOP countries with the highest level of unemployment, How to find the best FX broker for trading in 2020. Population, total. ... GDP (current US$) Details. This page provides - Cuba GDP per capita - actual values, historical … Let's look at Cuban GDP per capita according to the World Bank. We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your image export is now complete. Cuba GDP Value was 100 B USD in 2020. Here you can query, map, compare, chart and summarize key climate-related information. DataBank Microdata Data Catalog. Cuba GDP Per Capita chart, historic, and current data.

Download historical data for 20 million indicators using your browser. $12,100 (2014 est.)

Cuba: GDP per capita, current U.S. dollars: For that indicator, we provide data for Cuba from 1970 to 2018.
However, greater private property and free market rights were granted by the 2019 Constitution.

The table below lists countries in the world ranked by GDP at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita, along with the Nominal GDP per capita. 1970 - 2018. If you use our chart images on your site or blog, we ask that you provide attribution via a link back to this page. This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. The maximum level was 6817 USD and minimum was 2250 USD.
The economy of Cuba is a largely planned economy dominated by state-run enterprises. Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the ruling Communist Party of Cuba encouraged the formation of worker co-operatives and self-employment. Les valeurs actuelles, des données historiques, des prévisions, des statistiques, des tableaux et le calendrier économique - Cuba - PIB par habitant PPP. Overview for 12.11.2020, Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast 12.11.2020, Euro and ‘fun isolation’. Cuba GDP Value was 100 B USD in 2020. GDP per capita, PPP (current international $), GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2017 international $), International Comparison Program & Purchasing Power Parity, International Household Survey Network (IHSN), Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building. We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your data export is now complete. If you continue to navigate this website beyond this page, cookies will be placed on your browser.

Label. GDP per capita, PPP (current international $) - Cuba from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita shows a country's GDP divided by its total … Find Out, Online tool for visualization and analysis. Cuba gdp per capita for 2018 was $8,822, a 3.29% increase from 2017. The maximum volume was 100 USD Billion and minimum was 5.69 USD Billion. GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$) Details. The Climate Change Knowledge Portal is a hub of information, data and reports about climate change around the world. En 2018 la cifra del PIB fue de 84.693M.€100.023M.$, con lo que Cuba es la economía número 64 en el ranking de los 196 países de los que publicamos el PIB.

How to compare Forex brokers spreads and swaps? If you use our datasets on your site or blog, we ask that you provide attribution via a link back to this page.

This places Cuba into the 'middle class' of Southamerica: below rich countries (Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Las Bahamas have 4x GDPpc), but above countries like Haiti, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Guatemala, Jamaica, or Colombia. GDP - per capita: $12,300 (2016 est.) El producto interior bruto de Cuba en 2018 ha crecido un 2,2% respecto a 2017. Cuba gdp per capita … Cuba Coronavirus Recovered at 6831.00 Persons, Cuba Coronavirus Cases at 7429.00 Persons, Cuba Coronavirus Deaths at 130.00 Persons, Cuba Crude Oil Production at 50.00 BBL/D/1K, Cuba Fiscal Expenditure at 65497.50 CUC Millions, Cuba GDP Constant Prices at 57025.00 CUC Million, China Shanghai Composite Falls 1.1% in Early Trade. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita shows a country's GDP divided by its total population. Se trata de una tasa 4 décimas mayor que la de 2017, que fue del 1,8%.

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