11. of such full payment.. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us! Consignee__________________________________, —- For State Specific Consignments Forms you can download in Word format, go to, http://www.uslegalforms.com/consignments/. Getting a seller for your horse may be the best option. 7. (An Exhibit “A” may be prepared to set out further agreements as to commission structure/rate/etc.) It records the agreement for the storage, transfer or sale of a commodity. USLegal has the lenders!--Apply Now--. The samples act as your reference and guideline and help you understand whether you are getting a good deal or not. The example template needs the consignor to fill the details of the horse like horse name, age, breed, sex and scars on the horse. The goods must be returned in the same or similar condition, unless this is impossible due to shopper damage or theft. If you have secured yourself and the goods, you may end up loosing them. So that you can have your old care sold you must give out the relevant information about the car. Consignee shall (have/not have) the exclusive right to market and sell the (property, equipment, items) described hereinabove. days before deemed effective). One is supposed to write the date of the pick up so that your goods do not get sold or donated. You can also visit Agreement Templates. This Agreement shall be construed and governed according to the laws of the State of ____________________________. Download or preview 2 pages of PDF version of Consignment agreement (DOC: 29.5 KB | PDF: 106.5 KB ) for free. Customer agrees that all proceeds due, minus [____%] commission, will be available to Consigner on demand as outlined below: 7. This will ensure trust on selling of your equipment. The contracts contained on PrintableContracts.com are not to be considered as legal advice. The examples are very carefully formulated and allow no uncertainty regarding third parties, decrease exporter’s risk because he remains the owner of the goods in storage and the distributor does not need to pay until goods are sold. You fill out a form. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The original owner is referred to as the Consignor and the seller is the Consignee. The contract also needs you to fill out your name, address, email and phone number for easier identification. 3. The consignment agreement samples allow the user to fill in the details about the goods, total quantity of goods given on consignment, … WHEREFORE,___________________ , Consignor of certain (property, equipment, items) more particularly described hereinafter and _______________ Consignee for and in exchange of good and sufficient consideration and the mutual promises and undertakings set forth in this Consignment Agreement (“Agreement”) do agree to the following: 1. and Ease of Use. 5. There are various key issues to consider while creating such agreement samples. DISCLAIMER: Word Templates You can download Sample Free Consignment Agreement Templates here. WHEREFORE,_____ , Consignor of certain (property, equipment, items) more particularly described hereinafter and _____ Consignee for and in exchange of good and sufficient consideration and the mutual promises and undertakings set forth in this Consignment Agreement (“Agreement”) do agree to the following: The ownership of the goods/products though is still retained by the first party. Upon receiving full payment for such sale, Consignee shall remit, in United States currency or a check drawn on a United States bank, the amount due to Consignor under this Agreement no later than the day of the month following the date. Get our LegalLife Legacy Bundle Special and Save. Customer agrees to return to Consigner, upon demand, any unsold merchandise. A sale on consignment means that the Consignee will sell the goods for the Consignor for a fee. Termination of this Consignment Agreement. This agreement can be terminated by either with Consignor or Customer at any time. Consignor may terminate this Agreement at any time so long as such termination is made before the sale of (property, equipment, items) which is/are subject to this Agreement. After the date and the names of the parties that are in agreement, the sample outlines the consignment, retention of tile listing fee and sales of equipment. Consignment agreements in the United States are covered under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Convenient, Affordable Legal Help - Because We Care! Consignor has turned over the goods described below, which shall remain property of the Consignor until such time as they are sold: 2. Consignor (reserves the exclusive right/grants the right to Consignee) to accept a price less than the offering price. The Consignor is the owner of the goods that the Consignee will sell. 10. (Non-Exclusivity or Exclusivity) of Agreement. Consignee may terminate this Agreement at any time by returning to Consignor any or all of the unsold (property, equipment, items) which is/are the subject of this Agreement. Consignment Agreement is formed between consignee and consignor for storage, transfer, sale, resale and use of goods. This Agreement is not assignable and may not be modified other than by a written modification agreed to and signed by both parties. 1. 4. How to modify the template. The sample is for people seeking to know more about consignment agreements. 9. The site owner shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions or for damages of any kind. Customer, at his/her own discretion, may opt to return unsold goods to Consignor at any time. Assignment. Customer operates an online or retail store or other sales outlet and agrees to make his/her best effort to sell Consignor's goods. Learn More! You can modify it and reuse it. 5. 8. The document is created before your eyes as you respond to the questions. This agreement is being made between [consignor] and [customer] on [date]. Such type of agreements is done for the transfer, sale, storage or resale as well as the use of different types of commodities. At the end, you receive it in Word and PDF formats for free. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Waiver. Consignee agrees to inform Consignor of bona fide offers to purchase the consigned (property, equipment, items) for prices less than the asking price set by Consignor. 4. Consignor agrees to deliver and Consignee agrees to accept for the purpose of sale on the terms and conditions hereinafter recited in this Agreement, the following described (property, equipment, items):_____________________________________________________________________________________, ______________________________________________________________________________________. The template give an overviews reason for entering into the agreement and the do and don’ts checklist. Ownership. Browse US Legal Forms’ largest database of 85k state and industry-specific legal forms. The sample template asks for a photo for identification of the consignee. Amount(s) of Payment(s) to Consignor. A consignment agreement is a contract between two parties called the consignee and the consignor. 16+ Consignment Agreement Templates – Word, PDF, Pages. Forms, Features, Customer Service Consignment Agreement. You may also visit Shareholder Agreement Template. According to the terms of the consignment agreement, the consignee can take goods from the consignor’s stock. Need a Personal Loan? Customer agrees to sell the goods at the following price points, with markdowns allowed as described below: 6. Consignee shall have the exclusive right to determine the business operation and management of its premises.

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