A 4G phone may also provide 4G connectivity to a Three mast, where the user is outside its distance limit for data devices. If it’s bumping against the pole, you can try mounting it upside so that it faces roughly 45 degrees up. I think your blog possibly provides the best information on the internet for someone trying to figure this out.

Signal strength can be a challenge and through trial and error among the service providers we ended up with eir 4g / B315.

It looks like I would need one for each antenna to do this right (Yagi antenna x2 > Booster/Repeater x2> 4G router x1). This is much better than most other providers, but it still represents a soft data cap. Just wondering if we should update our modem?

It doesn’t need to have scope for external antennas. Is it onmi or directional aerial, I have same router, found omni usless, directional good. This means that even if there is no 4G coverage in the area with any provider, a 4G modem or router is well worth considering. While almost every one of them has a few hidden fees, these are usually disclosed during the purchasing process or in their fair use policies, so always keep an eye on that. This temporary spectrum is due to expire on the 8th October, although could be extended. That’s where 4G … For those that previously had a wireless Internet service provider (WISP), it may be possible to reuse the existing Ethernet cable and mast. Don’t place it against the glass as most modern glass panes have an energy efficient coating that blocks signals. This will also let you try locking your router to band 3 (using the LTEInspecteur utility) to see if it picks up that higher capacity band. Sometimes it works amazing like 18mb we are very rural the next minute it stops working for days. See the cell tower range limit note below. Hi Séan, thanks for the recommendation on the Huawei B535. Most 4G rural internet providers we tested provide robust solutions. UnlimitedToGo has agreements with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T mobile carriers giving them a bit more variety. Have you tried or used the TP Link routers? I live in North Co Dublin where the only broadband service I can avail of is 4g. I had a buddy over yesterday who had a phone on the Three network and had him test it out. If you’ve seen people share speed tests close to 300Mbps, this is very likely from a phone that is connected with 3 carriers. If you get no signal, then that band is not in use on your mast. The Outdoor Router connect to 3G/4G mobile networks and provide fast WiFi hotspot. Thanks and sorry once again for the semi-hijack. One that is more affordable than the B535. Apart from that, I’ve no other issue with it and seems more stable than our previous DSL connection. 2100MHz – Primarily urban use. Blazing Hog seems to be the only 4G rural internet provider that offers everything large ISPs can – a truly unlimited experience at affordable prices specifically for rural users. I’ve had issues with the TP link M6400 in my area as well. Then try moving the router to different parts of the room, including trying other rooms to see how the speed compares. The biggest upfront cost, sometimes easily going over the $500 mark when you need signal boosting equipment too is a lot to penalize rural users. I suggest going for a mains-operated desktop 4G router as this will provide better antenna sensitivity over USB modems. I’ll look into the VPN . Perfect – I’ll do this – appreciate the advice!

No activation fees are mentioned on their website and there is a one-month trial period to test their services, but you’ll have to cover a restocking fee of 15% of the price you paid for the equipment and plans when you request a refund. Great advise as ever Sean, keep up the good work. If you would like to try again with your satellite dish with the newer router, you may also be able to hone in on a distant band 3 mast, e.g. With the Three network, the B818 still has the advantage as Three haw two carriers on band 3, giving the possibility of connecting to bands 20+3+3 if the mast operates on all three carriers. I’ve read somewhere that this is probably down to the carrier (in this case it was gomo/eir) and the way it works. 1800MHz (LTE FDD band 3) – Primarily serves urban areas due to its shorter propagation. To determine this, please ask us to ‘check coverage’ to [email protected] with a full physical address. It is located on a window sill with the two antenna tested at every angle. If you are in such an area, a router capable of 3CA or higher can potentially deliver faster speed by combining bands 20+3+1 or 28+3+1. Vodafone UK also sell this same Huawei model with their mobile broadband plans which they rebrand as the GigaCube 4G. Try placing the router against an outer wall facing the direction of the mast. This is known as carrier aggregation. In fact, some indoor antennas perform worse than the built-in antennas of a decent router.

4G LTE all month long for as low as $89.99/mo which includes taxes and fees. Let’s see what they offer. Thanks Sean for the advice. This can be very useful with Three’s prepay “All You Can Eat” or the large 80GB allowance on Eir/GoMo. Just wondering if you have seen this before or could recommend a device that would go into full bridge mode and let the router behind the modem do the authentication and other nice router functions. Repeat again between 8pm to 10pm (peak time) with the phone, preferably held outside an upstairs window. Both the B315 and B525 do not support band 28 and the same with many older mobile handsets, so if Eir is using band 28 in your area, there is a good chance it has less congestion. However I’ve read that the newer Huawei routers don’t have internal antenna as powerful. You can pick up a wall-mounting bracket, double pipe clamp (like this) and some metal tube at a hardware store. They don’t pick up the 1800MHz band 3 (may not work with 4G+), in case anyone else is reading this comment. Instead, they take advantage of those underutilized cell phone towers from major carriers and use the capacity left on the towers to bring 4G LTE internet services to residents in range.

Is it worth the extra?

To undo the change select the 2100MHz band, which will display an error and then it will revert back to the regular aggregation (4G+) mode. To start with, I suggest testing your router along an facing wall at each end of the house in case just moving it helps isolate it from the suspect interference. The Huawei B535 gets 30-50Mbps. UbiFi offers high-speed 4G LTE internet via AT&T cell towers. This means the maximum 4G speed may be half that of using a MIMO antenna with two coaxial leads to a 4G router on the same network. For the antenna, I suggest going for either the LowCostMobile 700-2600MHz or the Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0002. Unlike a 4G antenna, the cable running to that dish is likely an Ethernet cable, which does not carry the signal like a coaxial cable does. Another added bonus with this provider is that HD streaming is supported and available, and you don’t have to pay extra to have it. The speed may differ from a broadband SIM, depending on traffic prioritisation. The connection is more stable than any USB Wi-Fi adapter I tried to date. Thanks. Do you know if either of these 2 events would have casued them to reduce my speed or is it likely that something else has caused it? Only saw your page since, wondering about your opinion as it’s hard to get advice on this.

4G LTE all month long for as low as $89.99/mo which includes taxes and fees.

Ranging from 10 – 25 MB down and no issues with dropouts. See this Wikipedia article to see what LTE bands each EU country uses.

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