When he wanted to play this game I thought no but CSM says its bad right.

In my.

We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. If you're going to stick to single player, there are a variety of difficulty levels on offer here to help you tailor the challenge to suit - but if you go online, there's no such system in place, and you'll be pit against much more experienced players, with better weapons and equipment than you from the off.

The violence is slightly overstated in the review.

Notably, the ESRB rating certified for American consumers. Not historically accurate at all. This is a fine game for children 11 and up because of what you learn in the game. Great game kids would love it. Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. I have always been a fan of first person shooters, and my kid just turned 13 last month. Genre(s): Platform (3D)Platform(s): DS, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS4, Switch. You're teenager is most likely a good kid and although it is obviously a parents decision, it wont hurt you if they have it. The story mode for this game is not accurate and ignores obvious facts at one point they attribute the liberation of a town in Norway to one person they don't mention the resistance fighters who fought for it and died they ignore them, to push their own agenda, not to mention the ninja sword and a woman with a prosthetic hook for a hand in the reveal trailer.

The main game was classified '15' for frequent moderate battle violence and the bonus extras presented no additional issues. The worst part about this game is the fact that you can stab people with shovels. You can also turn that off! What age is Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC) appropriate for? Gamers who like this series will love this sequel, while newcomers to the franchise will ask themselves why they waited so long to jump in. The violence is what you would expect from a M game. My child has learned lots of things. Wondering if Battlefield 1 is OK for your kids?

The violence in the game consists of anything you could do in an actual war, mainly being guns, knives, and explosives. Not very much gore, and if you have a good boi named Landon, you should let him play. This podcast is all about horror... at the PG category. A conservative church choir director inherits her late son's San Francisco drag club. The Language, in my opinion, is a 6/10 and by commonsense media's standards a 4/5.

The ESRB M Rating suggests that the game is suggestible for Mature and of age above 17+.

A small amount of blood is emitted or a small amount of blood will hit the screen. He said ok and turned the blood off after that I really enjoyed it, the game is awesome without the blood.The swearing is very very minimal and over the gun shots, you can't hear most of them.

Do i think that this game is too violent no, do i think this game is going to make you kid into a psycho like the media is trying to say, no i do not. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. All Rights Reserved.

The most violent scenes are in the prologue, where it shows the true horrors of war, there a people shown crying on the battlefield with bloody injuries, people getting bayoneted and people fighting in brutal hand to hand combat (its worth mentioning that some of the more extreme violence shown in the game are quite brief, however it’ still very violent). (Worth noting that HARSH language is only used by brits. Genre(s): First Person ShooterPlatform(s): Xbox 360, PS3. There is not to much language in... My grandma bought this game for be because she knew how much I like the Battlefield Series. How many players can you have in Far Cry 5's Arcade Mode? Play Battlefield V today when you subscribe to EA Play*.

18+, more like 9+! See something that needs to be addressed? Have a go at writing your own age rating report by completing this worksheet. As a military themed first person shooter, there's a lot parents may want to know about Battlefield 4.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESRB rating 2012 also PEGI rating. Smashing through rubble, circling enemy tanks, or leaping across waves in your vehicle of choice is easily the highlight of the game - and they're all pretty easy to control, too. We won't share this comment without your permission.

I started playing the "bad company" games with the chapla... Look OK if you have a child 12 - 17 and don't want them to see torture then don't let them on the campaign as that has the swearing on it.

It takes away the realism of previous battle fields to make it “politically correct” and not offend SJWs. As many parents may think that teens are still young and try to keep them away from language, they definitely know some if not a lot of language. Well these baboons have no idea what they are talking about.

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Add your ratingSee all 49 parent reviews. There is NO CONSUMERISM IT IS NOT THERE. But sacrifices preservation of actual history Battlefield 5 is the fifth one in the legendary selling series.

Swearing, too, comes thick and fast, with plenty of f words and motherf***ers. Have a go at writing your own age rating report by completing this worksheet.

Where one team has to fight against the other and they both have to kill each other. How much do you remember about BioShock, Borderlands and XCOM?

Will this desensitize my kid and turn him into a younger version of Osama Bin Laden and or Hitler? Similarly, some single player mission objectives can be a bit vague, so you'll often need to find your own way - which is easier said than done in the middle of a battlefield.

Multiplayer maps and modes?

Do I think this teaches you anything?

This is especially true for the multiplayer modes playable with others online, including the new Obliteration mode, wherein two rival teams fight to retrieve a bomb and use it to blow up three enemy targets. Great game and good for teenagers (and possibly younger depending on maturity). I think this is good game to teach your kid history of wars and gives it a good realistic idea of it.

Furthermore, the 18 rated by PEGI suggests that only the players of age 18+ shall play the game. Find out about the latest resources, news and age ratings information. In fact, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was published on August 21, 2012. I would wait until middle school for this one, but one of the best! Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. © Common Sense Media.

As someone once said, "the tighter you hold the lead, the harder it'll snap when they break free.

These and many other burning questions answered inside! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game age restrictions said by ESRB in the UK, America, and PEGI in the UK. Games which have this level of violence are Sekiro(8.7/10), the ghost of Tsushima(8.4/10), AC Unity(9/10).

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2020 - Age Rating JuJu. The most historically accurate experience in this game is the conquest game mode.

The overrated this yet again! It's both educational and fun, and I think should be played by everyone age 9+! Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. BBFC Podcast Episode 103 - Pumpkins, Poltergeists & PG: Halloween Horror for kids. As a first person shooter, it perhaps goes without saying that you'll need to be proficient at dual analogue controls to get on with Battlefield 4.

The game takes some maturity to play but give me a break! Players use a number of weapons, including a knife, sniper rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher, and mines, to kill enemy soldiers near and far.

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