Community Church is the result of Bible studies dating back to 1974.The church was officially formed, constituted and incorporated in 1975. The name was Community Church of Owosso. People gathered each week for worship at the YWCA and also met for home meetings on Sunday evenings.

In 1981, after many months of prayer and discussion, Community Church decided to affiliate with a denomination. Several churches were examined. The elders agreed to join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, which is theologically reformed, representative in government and dedicated to the liberty of the local church. The EPC maintains a strong evangelical statement of faith, holding to the Westminster Confession of faith.

The congregation was constituted as an Evangelical Presbyterian Church on June 21, 1982 and was welcomed into the fellowship of the Midwest Presbytery. The name of the church became Community Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

On June 21, 1987 Community moved to its current meeting place on Riley Road. This site was a gift from the former New Haven United Methodist Church and now serves as the main center for worship and ministry.

Missions is very important to Community Church, and it has steadily increased its mission budget so that now 24 cents of every dollar is funneled into mission efforts around the globe and right here in North America.

A new Purpose Statement was adopted in the fall of 2007 :

The purpose of Community Evangelical Presbyterian Church is to glorify God through worship, holy living, and furthering His Kingdom by leading members of our community to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord.

Our objectives are to:

* Maintain strong biblically accurate expository preaching and supply loving pastoral care for each member of the church family.

* Worship God through His word, devoted prayers and excellent music.

* Involve every member of the congregation with fellowship groups and/or Bible studies, which cultivate maturity and meet individual needs.

* Provide an effective Christian education program to inform and disciple all ages, in our congregation.

* Continue to provide missionary outreach to our local community and throughout the world.