So That You May Believe
An Exposition of the Gospel of John

Pastor Jason Steele will be going through the Gospel of John

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June 10, 2018 From the Beginning — John 1:1-5 notes pp
July 1, 2018 Made Flesh — John 1:6-18 notes pp
July 8, 2018 Show Your Identification — John 1:19-34 notes pp
July 15, 2018 Greater Things — John 1:35-51 notes pp
July 22, 2018 The Master of the Wedding Feast — John 2:1-12 notes pp
July 29, 2018 Lord of the Temple — John 2:12-25 notes pp
August 5, 2018 A Night in the Light — John 3:1-21 notes pp
August 12, 2018 Increasing in Decreasing — John 3:22-36 notes pp

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