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On October 6th Pastor Jason Steele preached “Being Actively Fruitful” filed under James: True Faith Works.

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His Covenant of Grace

No Reason to Turn Back! Exposition of Hebrews

James: True Faith Works

So That You May Believe — The Gospel of John

Let Us Pray

Through the Storm with Job

Miscellaneous Sermons of 2018

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The Business of Being a Christian

City on a Hill — Romans 12

Concerns for the Family

Contending for the Faith — Ephesians 6:10-20

The Doctrines of Grace

Economics, Our Times, and the Call to be the People of God

Themes from Ephesians

Exodus — The Revealing of God’s Glory and His Design for the Chosen

Insights in Luke

Jesus Walks Among the Lampstands

The Life of Paul and Evangelism Lessons from His Message to Athens

On the Road to Jericho

Moving On with Christ While Recognizing Our Death to Sin

Things That Matter

When You Pray, Pray This Way